Sunday, October 8, 2006

Circle of Sisters & The Wendy Williams Experience

Okay, so I had a VERY busy Saturday afternoon....I scooped up my baby sis, Karen and dragged her with me all over NYC....our first stop was on 104th Street & 5th Ave where we tried to catch my favorite DJ....DJ Rockin' Rob doing his thing at a festival called "Miracles on 104th Street" anyway, Rob never told me what time he was going on and as fate would have it, when we arrived....he had just finished his set. No biggie though....Rob was happy that we even came....he was very surprised to see us and for me it was a big reunion, as I hadn't seen him or his "crew"...Chuck & Eric in a very long time. We are LONG overdue for a good house party ya'll!!!!! Rob!!! TAKE A DAMN DAY OFF!!!! (Love you boo!)

Anyway, Rob was kind enough (and Rob is ALWAYS kind ya'll!!!) to give my sister and I a lift to the West Side where we picked up the train and headed to 34th Street to check out the WBLS-FM sponsored "Circle of Sisters" expo at the Javits Center. We exited the train at 34th & 6th Avenue and caught the crosstown bus to 11th ave. The bus was packed and I ran into my girl Rasheeda Wallace (The Queen of Street Soul) and her manager JV (told you I wasn't gonna forget again!!!!) headed to the expo as well. I met Rasheeda at the New York casting for FAT Chance this year and I thought she was absolutely amazing....almost TOO amazing for FAT Chance (lol)...Miss Rasheeda is a True Diva ya'll...I was drawn to her look and her aura and never forgot her after her initial fate would have it....I would keep running into her and we have become fast friends....I look forward to working with her in the future!!!! Thanks for the cold remedies Rasheeda!!!!

We finally get to the Javits Center (shout out to Mary Moore of the Britto Agency for securing the tix for me! Thanks mama!) and enter the expo. It's packed and I immediately start running into folks that I know or that know me. I am surprised however, that the event isn't as large as I thought it would be. My sister and I actually made it through the expo quickly, stopping a few times to watch the crowd go nearly MAD waiting to catch a glimpse of Bobby Brown (who actually looked quite good on this particular day) and to follow this deep chocolate colored brother, at least 6'4" with his locks tied neatly behind his back and a body of a GOD!!!!! I kid you not.....this brother was so fine that we ( was MY followed him from the bathroom to wherever he was going (and we weren't the only ones following him!!!!). Anyway, he wound up a table for the Ebony Men of Soul Calendar and it was a booth full of FINE ASS MEN of all colors and nationalities wearing jeans and NO SHIRTS!!!!! It was a testosterone festival and the ladies were coming over in droves!!!! As is normally the case with me....I knew one of the models...a brother named Shawn that I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with during "Full Figured & Fabulous" a few months ago in Baltimore, Maryland. Shawn reminds me of (Please don't kill me...) Will Smith in his "Bad Boys/Ali" prime days (WAITAMINUTE Ya'll!! Will was kinda seriously foine..(and I like em' blurple ya'll)... during that period ya'll!!!) and he's charismatic to boot. He greeted me with a big old hug and didn't mind that we were clearly salivating over him and his Shawn & I exchanged and my baby sis and I departed the Javits Center and decided to walk back to the subway station.

When we reached the corner of 34th St & Ninth Avenue we were instructed by NYPD to cross over to the other side of the street as the Red Carpet of the VH1's Hip Hop Honors was already in progress at the Hammerstein Ballroom. I tried to catch a glimpse because my "House Daddy/Cameraman/Security" from FAT Chance; Big Al, was also doing camera duties for Hip Hop Honors.....I couldn't reach him though so we jumped on the subway and headed back uptown.

I quickly changed my clothes, fed my monster and fetched my sis a chilled bottle of Boru Vodka from my fridge (I don't have room for ice trays) and she relaxed as I changed my boots (mustard yellow suede, flat joints that were KILLING MY DAMN FEET!!!!! Flats??? Go figure.) and we headed back out. She took the D train uptown and I took the D train downtown to meet my girl Eda at Gotham Hall where we were gonna check out "The Wendy Williams Experience Live!".

I arrived at Gotham Hall and met my homegirl Eda outside. We got in with no problems and I was told by Cynthia Horner (Ya'll remember Cynthia from her Right On! Magazine days right??) to head to the photographer's den for photo ops! (Now you KNOW I LOVE photo ops, so I didn't have to be told twice!!!) after clowning for the photogs for a bit, Eda and I headed to the main room where the show was already in full swing.

The show was packed and Miss Wendy was holding court to the right of the stage. She was wearing a fabulous black dress...but I was, alarmed at how tiny her waist appeared to be in comparison to the rest of her body....she had a Barbie doll waist and I couldn't stop taking photos of her because I wasn't sure how she was even breathing being held in like that. Trust! I am gonna post the photos as soon as they are developed (Yes, I said "developed"...I don't own a digital camera yet..hint-hint!) because you have to see it to know what I am talking about.

The show was sponsored by Alize and the bar was open (ya KNOW I love that! lol), so you know we made a beeline straight to the the bar I ran into a brother named Rahim..who oddly enough, I met a one of Toccara's birthday parties last year. We exchanged numbers that same night and then just kept running into each other at different events ( know STILL owe me right??? He's a cool brother and he is busily preparing for his event which is called, I believe, "The King of Rap", it's a nationwide search for the best rapper in the country or is it the world.hmmm..i'm not sure but it sounded really interesting when he told me about it last year and now it's about to come to fruition. I wish him nothing but the best and I certainly hope that I am in town when it premieres.

Anywhoo....I am not much of an Alize drinker myself (tastes like candy to me) but the bartender gave me the option of having a plain ol glass of champagne, which I quickly took (i'm a bubbly sort of girl ya know?). They also had a buffet which Eda & I thought was fabulous....they featured mini burgers, pomme frites (french fries...for those of you not up on your & Chinese Chicken Salad that was set up in these cute little chinese takeout boxes complete with chopsticks!!!! It was SO very classy and it tasted good to boot! But honey you know my people....we ain't happy unless we have chicken & potato salad at EVERYTHING!!!! that food was just SITTING there...(What a waste!)

In between acts DJ D-Nice ("My name is D-Nice...taking out you suckers and you don't know how I did it!!!!") kept the crowd pumping with a mixture of old school & new school music. I remember D-Nice from his rapping days (I actually bought his single ya'll!!!) because he's a tall, light skinned cutie with hazel eyes and reminds me so much of my nephew Darren that it scares me! Comedian TK Kirkland came on and dropped MAD science on the art of was funny AND educational...for the brothers...I enjoyed him and I stopped him after his set to tell him so and I was quite surprised and pleased that he recognized me from the show.

After TK Kirkland's set, we found out that we had missed Shareefa's set but caughtKeyshia Cole who came on after TK and did a 4 song set...the sound wasn't all that good to me, so you couldn't really hear her over her band...she had to shout to be heard. But she looked great!

But the highlight of my evening was when Eda spotted "Like Dat" from "Flavor of Love" chilling with her publicist. We both got giddy when we saw each other and ran to the photographer's den to take photos together! She's really cool and we plan to have lunch so she can REALLY give me the low down on what went down on Flavor of Love! Can't wait for THAT conversation ya'll.

Anyway, as all things do...this magnificent day had to come to and end and we decided to leave Gotham Hall and head uptown to "My most favoritist place" at the moment...lolPier 2110 in Harlem for a nightcap....unfortunately the restaurant was closed and we wound up next door at "Harlem Lanes" , the new bowling alley in Harlem and had a nightcap there.

When the bar closed at 2am, we jumped in a taxi and Eda dropped me off and headed home. I had a wonderful time and can't wait to do it all over again.

Thanks again Mary Moore for a most wonderful weekend!

Courage is the ability to respond to truth in a positive way and change.

Miss Sharon Quinn

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