Saturday, September 30, 2006

Heartbeats of Jamaica Benefit 2006

I spent the better part of my Sunday at The 16th Annual Heartbeats of Jamaica Luncheon at the Hilton Hotel. This year's event was held in the Grand Ballroom and it was beautifully decorated as usual. The fashion segment was hosted as always by Fashion Writer/Editor, Walter Greene - who (if you've been following these blogs and I KNOW YOU HAVE!!! lol) has been one of my staunchest supporters since I won the title of Model of The Year in 1995.

Walter and I became fast friends after my win and I have participated in this event since its inception. I called on two of my plus model friends, The Fabulous Jeannie Ferguson & Newcomer Elizabeth Seifu to model in the plus sized segment. Call time was 11am and Jeannie was the first to arrive, followed by myself & Elizabeth a short time later. We were quickly set up in hair (well...Not for and make up and I was pleased to see that my makeup artist was a wonderful brother from Jamaica named Ewing. Ewing and I hadn't seen each other since we wrapped up filming of Mo'Nique's FAT Chance 2006. I also reconnected with make up artist Miyoki, who I met on set at BET's Rip The Runway. She was the young lady who gave me the feather eyelash look for the show.

After we finished hair & makeup the three of us head downstairs for lunch and The Heartbeats lunch is always yummy! Our lunch consisted of Jerk Chicken, Escovitch Fish, Rice & Peas & a mixed can't go wrong here people!! The Rum Punch was served and the afternoon was off to a lovely start! (The rum punch is always the favorite part of the event.) lol. After lunch we headed backstage to get dressed for the fashion show. We were the second or third segment and we showed the clothing of Courtney Washington. And although it is quite difficult to pull off an entire segment with only three models!!! (lol) We managed to pull it off without a hitch.

Our segment was followed by a beautiful swimsuit segment, and we quickly began packing to depart to other appointments. I said my goodbyes and hustled off downtown to the LGBT Center in The Village where I would be attending the 25th Anniversary Celebration for NJ Designer, Lonie Cisco.

Thanks Walter!

(Sorry it took so long!)

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