Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fat Girl Flea Market 2007

This morning I got up early and put on a pot of coffee to get myself all amped up for the annual Fat Girl Flea Market at the GLBT Center in the village. The money raised at The Fat Girl Flea Market is donated to a group named NOLOSE for conference-related expenses, particularly the scholarship fund.

NOLOSE describes itself as a vibrant community of: fat dykes, bisexual women, transgendered folks and our allies, seeking to end the oppression of fat people!

You GO Girls!!!! The movement continues....

I attended the flea market last year and made out like a bandit!!!! There are clothes there for plus sized women of all sizes and I even picked up a bunch of stuff for my mom last year! So I was all amped up to shop today...I was gonna bring my mom with me but my step dad has been ill of late and I know the two of them together would have drove me absolutely crazy!!! Once again the weather was awesome and my monster & I rode the train downtown together and I arrived at the center at promptly 11am...when it first began...but I didn't go inside until like...11:20 or so...trying to get a free palm reading at the yoga center across the street...BIG MISTAKE!!!! lol..after paying very reasonable 8 bucks entrance fee and found out quickly where I made my was REALLY crowded when I got there and after about an hour...all of the wind went quickly out of my sails...the flea market was held over 2 days last I actually went on the last day when the crowd was thinner...but this year it's one day only and I just didn't feel like fighting through all those folks and piles of clothing 3 and 4 times like I did last year!

However, don't get a sister wrong...I really wanted to get some jeans from Abby Z and SVOBODA but the Abby Z jeans were too short and the SVOBODA'S were too't get to hear THAT too often! BUT I did pick up a few AbbyZ tops for 3 bucks each..all with beading and embroidery which I love and a beautiful velvet beaded top which I will be wearing shortly with some black velvet pants that I already own! I ran into a few folks that I knew and quite a few of the volunteers remembered me from last year! I had a great time as always and will most definitely be returning next year if I am in town! On my way out I ran into Plus Sized Artist Nigel Morgan ( and made a new friend...her name is Laura Rice and she's the chief muse/design director for a clothing company called Olivia's Boudoir...I look forward to working with her in 2008.

I ended my afternoon by stopping off at one of my favorite fish places...A Salt & Battery on Greenwich Ave for a codfish & Shrimp combo w/chips and some er...rather bland and nasty ass cole, then I checked out a few street fairs (wishing I had saved my appetite AND my money for Thai, stopped in Strand Books, walked over to 14th street checked out the shoe selection in DSW on 14th st (Nothing for the size 12's..GET REAL!!!!), stopped at Commerce Bank and hopped (well...not literally!) the train home...

My knee was aching and I was actually tired ya'll....I must really be getting!

For more info on the Fat Girl Flea Market,check them out at

"A break is not taken in life but earned."

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