Monday, February 1, 2010

Red Carpet Arrivals: The 2010 Grammy Awards Curvy Chick Edition!!

The curvy sisterhood SHOWED OUT on the red carpet during this weekend's Grammy festivities......Don'tcha think? Feel free to comment....but be nice...please?

Jennifer Hudson is absolutely stunning ...looks like she's lost all of that baby weight!
Sigh...just cuz she's a lil chunky monkey from The Jersey Shore
Niecy Nash KILLS it in a champagne colored gown!
Vocalist SUPREME.....Ledisi!
Not an "Official" Curvy chick...but I love this sista and her music! Kudos!
Gabourey Sidibe at Ne-Yo's Pre-Grammy Brunch
Ya gotta give props when and where props are due....Rhianna is STUNNING in this Elie Saab Gown!
American Idol's Mandisa Hundley flaunts her newly slimmed body in pink.
Gospel Duo Mary, Mary
Mary J. Blige....Just Because.....
Oprah's BFF Gayle King
Rapper Twista...wonder where he's been...
Natalie Cole and Ashanti (only here because I LIVE for the color of Natalie's dress!)
Busta Rhymes


lisa said...

I want India to go back to her bohemian style, hate her looking like every1 else. Does make her look like a curvy girl. And Gabby, it just gets worst and worst. And guys its not the clothes its the weight.

lisa said...

Natalie is always RIGHT! good 2 see her looking well.

The ORIGINAL Runway Diva! said...

Sorry Lisa....Can't agree with you on this one...I came up with chicks just as big and some BIGGER than her and they were ALWAYS fabulous!! It's about knowing how to dress for YOUR body type....

I have a super BBW home girl right now that is ALWAYS DONE when ever she hits a red carpet....She doesn't let her weight stop her from SERVING it every single time.

You can be FAT and still fabulous....EVERYONE deserves to look and feel matter their size...