Monday, August 31, 2015

The "It's All Relative" Cast Brunch at City Crab

Sooooo…..After spending all day Friday getting my nephew settled in at college, I had oh like….a 4 hour catnap and then I had to be back up at 6am to make the drive back to Newport Centre Mall to return my rental truck by 8am.  I got out of the house at about 6:45am and drove down the West Side Highway to go through the Holland Tunnel to get to Jersey.  I pulled up to the rental place at about 7:30am and all was well.  I got a credit (which is always nice) because I paid for an E-Z pass reader and then got to the GWB and realized that they forgot to put it in my car.  I walked back through the empty mall and sleepily made my way to the PATH train.  I picked up what looked to be a very delicious breakfast creation fresh out of the oven and a cup of coffee and settled in for the train ride back to NYC.  I excitedly opened my breakfast creation and took a bite only to find it was dry and tasteless as hell.  I took a second bite just make sure I wasn’t dreaming (I wasn’t) and put it away to dispose of when I got back to NYC.  Is it me or do the PATH stations deliberately not have trash receptacles because eating is prohibited? (Um…I found this out when I saw the sign posted at the 33rd Street station).  Anywhoo…my coffee was delicious.  I took an uptown bound D train and was truly dreaming of the EPIC NAP I was going to take when I got back home.  I got in around 9am, set my alarm for 12 noon and quickly fell asleep.

My alarm went off and I got up and jumped in the shower to try to wake myself up for the cast brunch that playwright Kimberly “Q” was hosting for the cast of her new play “It’s All Relative”.  The Brunch was being held at City Crab, one of my favorite NYC seafood spots downtown on Park Avenue South. 
I took the back of the A Train to 14th Street, took the 16th Street exit and was immediately jolted back into time by the memory of all of the fantastic birthday parties I had for myself at Rebar Lounge back in the day.  That whole block of old buildings was razed and I barely recognized it now.  But the memories still came anyway.  I took a brief taxi ride across town and when I arrived, Q was waiting at the bar for me.  She informed me that most of the cast had canceled due to prior commitments, so it was just going to be me, her & my cast mate (and fellow Pisces) Gha’il.  We decided to take the booth in the back on the main level and Q ordered a carafe of Grapefruit Mimosas
while we waited for Gha’il & surprise guest WRKS-FM Quiet Storm Host Lenny Green who was coming through for a few late birthday cocktails. Gha’il arrived shortly after we were seated and we just drank, feasted on Lobster Mac & Cheese (SO GOOD) and talked until Lenny arrived.  Q hit me over the head with the news that my beloved City Crab was closing on Sunday (WHAT???) and The Bubble Lounge downtown had already gone out of business a few months earlier.  We both agreed that NYC was (is) steadily losing its “flavor” and for the first in my life I have actually contemplated living somewhere else.

Lenny finally arrived and joined us at our booth.  I think we may have been working on our second carafe of Mimosa’s when he sat down.  I watched him as he greeted Gha’il for the first time and I just KNEW he was going to extend his hand to me like we had never met before (because he NEVER recognizes me without my makeup and when I am wearing my glasses) I gave him the evil eye and smacked his hand away and gave him a hug.  When he sat down I quickly brought him up to speed on how many times he’s met me and how many mutual friends we have….lol.  

The four of us had a lively discussion over more Lobster Mac & Cheese, Seared Ahi Tuna (You KNOW that was mine right?) Calamari and a Lobster (or crab…I can’t remember) Burger (Gha’il) and a Lobster Omelet (which ol Bougie azz Q ordered…lol).

It was a really wonderful afternoon….so wonderful that we didn’t want to leave and tried to order a FOURTH carafe of mimosas AFTER we had already paid our bill.  The Manager bribed us by offering to buy us another round of mimosas if we gave up our booth and moved to the bar (which we did).  Lenny had already left us by the time we got to the bar. 

Gha' fell in love with the bracelet I was wearing and I fell in love with this beautiful butterfly ring that she was wearing.  She suggested that we switch accessories and we could switch back the next time we were together.  I agreed and the ring quickly became my new favorite piece of jewelry!  Gha’il left after that last mimosa at the bar and Q and I sat at the bar making new friends with the ladies seated to our right.  One of them gifted me with a drink that had Gin, Lemonade & Prosecco in it (it was yummy!) when I looked up it was 7:00pm and I knew I had to get out of there to get home, get changed and make my way back downtown for the final event of the evening….Gwen DeVoe’s Private Birthday Celebration at Studio Arte. 

Q and I took a taxi uptown and I dropped her off….and I won’t deny it….I was LIT!!! I haven’t hung out with Q in a very long time and I am going to make sure that it won’t happen again (as in taking years to get together).

Thanks Q for a wonderful afternoon mama, I really enjoyed hanging out with you again!  PISCES RULE!!! Love you!

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