Friday, March 3, 2006

Flavor of Love - Pumpkin Vs Miss New York

I meant to blog this a long time ago....Just when I thought Flav using the term "Habitational Park" to describe the San Diego Zoo was about as low as you could go...someone will show you that you can ALWAYS sink lower....was anyone else horrified at that last episode of Flavor of Love where at eliminations, Pumpkin decided that she would close out the show by spitting on Miss New York????? I sat there with my mouth open!!!! Spitting in someone's face is THE ULTIMATE INSULT!!!!! You will get cut for that shit in New York!!! For Real!!!

I cannot believe this chick was stupid enough to do that in the first place but ON TELEVISION???? I think this may have been the first time since I started watching the show that I actually felt sorry for Miss New York and I really wanted her to just lose it and beat Pumpkin into a friggin coma. You could tell she was frustrated because she couldn't unload on her like she truly wanted to.....ya'll know...

When a sista takes off her shoes.....Baby IT'S ON!!!! All Miss New York was missing was the vaseline and you know she was looking for

I gotta say I was a little disappointed with Hoopz for saying that Miss New York deserved that...I wonder how she would have felt if she was on the receiving end of that spit. NO ONE deserves that. No one.

Now You just gotta KNOW that Sistas across the country will be spitting on Pumpkin wherever she goes...just on GP.


Anonymous said...

New York deserved it she a hoe ya know! When a sista is dirty ya gotta clean her up.

Liz P said...

Getting spit on is the ultimate disrespect!!! Yes NY was a piece of work - but Pumpkin should have handled it like a woman instead of a punk.

Anonymous said...

New York was pretty mean at times to Pumpkin but I don't think she deserved it!!! No one deserves someone else to spit in their face. It did make good t.v. though!!! I loved to watch that show, I know one thing Hoopz should have not won. I think New York should have won!!!

Much Luv,

~Sharon AKA Jewels~