Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

My Manager Shalon and my best friend Gwen “Diva” DeVoe threw an intimate birthday dinner for me and 15 of my closest friends & family on Saturday, February 18th. I usually will throw my "Annual Birthday Event" but because my schedule has been so up in the air, I decided to postpone it until after MFC 2006 wraps taping. In attendance were a virtual “who’s who” of movers, shakers and supporters of the plus sized industry, among them were Mia Davis (current face of Ashley Stewart stores), Eda Francois (The New Visual Merchandising Manager of The Gap Inc.) and her partner Becky (DJ Extraordinare), Tocarra (of America’s Next Top Model & Celebrity Fit Club 2), Tonya Giddens (Spokesperson for The Just My Size Perfect Fit Bra Tour), Gwen DeVoe (CEO of DeVoe Signature Events), Shalon Scott (My Manager & CEO of Scott Management) and her partner Kimma, Muzette Charles (My home girl since the age of 14 and financial adviser) and her girlfriend Lil, Julia Tirado-Mason (My sister-friend and entrepreneur), My mom, dad & my sister, Karen. My girl Sheka (Miss Full Figured and Fabulous) was in attendance but left early because of complications from a missing tooth filling. Dinner was held at Earl Monroe’s restaurant which is located in Riverbank State Park. The restaurant is absolutely beautiful and the view is magnificent!!! I will definitely be going back when the weather is warmer. We had drinks at the bar and then when we had all arrived we were seated for dinner. Although the setup was a little weird (We were scattered among 3 different tables) it was an enjoyable evening nonetheless. People were moving from table to table laughing, talking and taking pictures while we waited for someone to take our food orders. After nearly an hour (I kid you not) the waitress finally got our orders. I will not turn this into a food critique but I will say that I will try the restaurant again….and hopefully by summer they will have “worked out the kinks”. Despite the questionable service (we only had one waitress for the 15 of us and our waitress was clearly overwhelmed) and the so-so food, I had a wonderful time sharing memories of where we have been in the past, what we are doing now and where our futures lay. I am so very proud of all of my friends, everyone seems to be blossoming now and it is a beautiful sight to behold.

It was a wonderful birthday. Thanks ya’ll!!!

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Sharon AKA Jewels said...

That's kool, my birthday is in Feb. too. It's Feb. 23, Happy late late late birthday!!!

Much Luv,

~Sharon AKA Jewels~