Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Uggghhh!!! The Jerry Springer Show Today

Okay, I just HAD to get this out of my system....it is 11:05am on Tuesday, May 2, 2006 and my husband has the TV tuned into the Jerry Springer Show. Now, we all KNOW that Jerry Springer is PURE entertainment TV....I mean no one REALLY believes most of this stuff anyway....but why did they just roll out this full figured sister...she had to be at least a size 24-26, in a bra & panties seated in....get this:


PEOPLE???? Why oh WHY do we continue to allow ourselves to be degraded like this?

I would love to hear ANYONE'S thoughts on this one!


Chemi Che-Mponda said...

Hi Sharon,

I'm glad I didn't witness that sorry site. But obviously the woman was paid well for that stunt!

Big sisters continue to be ridiculed. Just look at the food jokes and comments about Phat Girlz on imdb.com an other places. It's like you're big you are an uncontrollable glutton. And people think its their right to riducule a big person. When will it end!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Sharon

It's a shame that someone degrading themselves like this is considered a form of entertainment. Thank you Sharon for calling it out. I'd rather mop floors in a fast food place than degrade myself in that manner. Shame on Jerry Springer for going there.

Anonymous said...

WAIT You got Married? & left that out?
or is that ebonics for "my man fo real?"

Destiny said...

Ok i saw that last year and it was just gross, there is noway on earth Jerry pays enough for anyone to do that. Baaaaaack in the day I was asked if I wanted to do some talk show about opposites attract, whatever money is money and I could are less about the little white man they were putting me with. BUT THEN.....dun dun dun the producer asked if I could wear something extra tight. Basically something that didnt fit, inorder to show as much fat as possible. Well after I laughed it off and canceled I got to see the girl that must have thought the $100 was sufficent payment for her pride..Not I said the fat girl !!!!

Kimberla said...

I AM CRACKING THE FUCK UP. I swear, I love reading your blogs Sharon. They are GREAT!!!