Thursday, March 29, 2007

American Idol & I Love New York

YO PEEPS!!!! Please tell me that someone has been watching American Idol besides me...SANJAYA MALAKAR IS KILLING ME!!!!!!! Absolutely SLAYING ME!!!! I think that it is hysterical that he is still on this show with his non-singing behind!!! For Real!!! Doesn't he remind you of the kid with the tracheotomy hole in his throat from season 5??? Kevin Covais....I couldn't figure out why he even made it to the top 10 and the same holds true for Sanjaya. A cutie no doubt but he couldn't sing his way out of a paper bag. But I think the most hysterical thing for me is this:

For the last two weeks...."America" if you will, has been dead on with the voting...The week before last when Stephanie Edwards got voted off....let's keep it real....although she's a better singer than Sanjaya....her song sucked that particular week and he surprised EVERYONE with his version of The Kinks "You Really Got Me"....he's not much of a singer but he performed the HELL out of that song and I truly believe that's why he skated by on that particular occasion...and then this past week....uh....Chris Sligh??? Sorry...ya'll in my opinion...he should have been gone with that Schlocky/Syrupy Sweet/Up With People version of Endless Love!!! I swear I could have slit my wrists with THAT one but he really took me out of here when he ABSOLUTELY SLAUGHTERED The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" YUCK!!!! He deserved to get the boot this week....sorry.

And The Mowhawk???? YA'LL KNOW the stylists' for American Idol are having a Field's Day with Sanjaya....I bet Ya'll he'll have a china doll bob with a bang next week.

Stay Tuned!!!

Oh Yeah....Am I the only one who noticed from the extra scenes episode of "I Love New York" that Tango had TUSSY Deodorant in his cabinet when he was supposedly packing his bags??? Remember THAT stuff from yo' grandma's house??? Right on the shelf next to the Dixie Peach Bergamot hair pomade??


He must be funky as hell by now.

Smootches Ya'll!!

Don't let embarrassment stop the best laid plans for your life by God.

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