Friday, April 6, 2007

I Love New York - Season Finale

Did you all check out the season finale of "I Love New York? I know I wasn't the only person watching (I will's my latest "Guilty Pleasure" Didn't you just LOVE watching New York instigate a fight between Tango and Chance and then step back and act like she didn't understand what or why stuff was going awry????? She's priceless.

As bad as she (New York) is though...isn't it funny that she is oh so very "hood" in her proclimations of being fearless and being the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge)...bladdah...bladdah...bladdah....she appears to be AFRAID or better yet...SCARED SH*TLESS OF ANYTHING THAT ISN'T HUMAN??????...It doesn't matter whether it's dogs, horses, dolphins, bees ( I'm a punk when it comes to bees too!), mosquitoes...flies....the very sight of ANY of them is enough for her to break into

Now onto the "dinner" upon arrival....I thought that Chance had been acting like a child the ENTIRE show....(A cutie...but a that makes him less cute in my eyes). The whole attempt to "Out" 12-pack was bad enough but attack on Mr. Boston disturbed looked like a lynch mob to me and it wasn't funny in the least (I dunno...after that last attack...I probably would have hid a knife somewhere close too!) and I am SURE that Chance wouldn't have thought it to be so funny had it been him being attacked (Hello?). The boxing event was ridiculous the end I was relieved that she was letting him go (actually, I dunno why he stayed as long as he did...the whole nose picking thing would have been enough for me to eliminate him)....they might have tried to tar and feather him the next time....anyhoo...back to Chance....

The shattering of the glass, the drink splashing all over Tango and his proclimation of "I'll Cut You Up!!" was enough for me to think...."This broad is nuts if she chooses this sociopath!!!"....I thought it was cool that Tango managed to hold his temper and not take a swing at Chance (But I gotta tell you in the back of my mind....I am doubting if he has any "real scrapping skills" at all....hmmmmmm)

And lastly....Sigh....the clothing.

Was it me or did Chance look like a little boy wearing his father's suit???? LOL and I hated that wavy/slick/cut up hairstyle he just looked wrong to me. I loved his reaction after he got eliminated and she wanted him to kiss her and give her some love...."what? Nah...girl you got the lips you chose right over there....go get some love from him" (or something like that)" and then the classic "Fuck that B*tch" and then telling America that he "Tapped that ass".


And TANGO????? WTF????

WHAT ON EARTH WAS HE THINKING ABOUT WHEN HE PUT THAT AWFUL OUTFIT TOGETHER????? He looked like Sky Masterson from "Guys & Dolls" in that blue pinstripe suit with a RED AND WHITE BARBERPOLE/PEPPERMINT STICK STRIPE TIE & HANDKERCHIEF?????? huh??? I kept waiting for him to break into "Luck Be A Lady" (btw...for all of you NON-MUSICAL THEATER PEOPLE!!!! LOL...Sky Masterson is the character that a very young Marlon Brando played in the movie version of "Guys & Dolls"). And I swear ya'll he makes me want to smack his hat right off his damn head....who in the world wears a hat that is cocked so far to the right that it's hanging onto his friggin ear???????!

And, I am not even going to TOUCH the "marriage proposal" (did she make like...a hundred faces before saying yes??? until after I see the reunion show.

I'm glad it's over....cuz now I'm storing up popcorn for Charm School in the next week or so.

Will Keep you posted as usual!


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