Monday, May 21, 2007

Well Call Me Surprised!!!

I am still stunned at last week's American Idol results! Has America LOST IT'S MIND????? There is just no way that Melinda Doolittle shouldn't be in the final two....It would have been SOOOOOOOO interesting to watch.

HEY YA'LL!!!!! was I the only one that caught that little goof by Ryan Seacrest before they went to commercial??? They had just finished airing Blake's returning home footage and Ryan said "After the break...Melinda goes home" just before they went to commercial I noticed that Melinda's head jerked up like something bit her. I remember looking at my friend Debbie and saying..."well what in the hell does THAT mean"? And Debbie said...maybe they're going to show clips of her in her hometown"....hmmm...perhaps he MEANT to say "After the break...Melinda goes BACK home." And then right after that she gets eliminated. Sounds like a funky freudian slip to me.

I am totally disgusted with this turn of gives the whole show a really cheesy feel. If it's a just a popularity contest the quality of singers that will continue to come out and audition will seriously slip.

I really wonder what's next for American Idol...The franchise has to run out of steam at some do you keep it interesting? I know!!!! How about an American Idol: Silver Fox Edition??? We all know there are some SERIOUS singers out there who could show these youngsters how to really put it down!!

I have been predicting for many weeks now that Jordin Sparks would be the next American Idol (the child has a good voice that will be MAGNIFICENT with a few years training AND she has the face of an angel AND she's a F.A.T. girl to boot!) but hell, if Blake can beat out Melinda...It's anybody's guess.

I ain't saying another word except to say that Melinda is going to have a phenomenal me.


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