Saturday, June 16, 2007

Monif C, Chaka Khan, Mo'Nique & Jill Scott

Last night I returned to Radio City Music Hall to hang out with Mo'Nique as she hosted the Jill Scott Concert. Last night Jill was phenomenal and I couldn't wait to see her again! But I was TOTALLY STOKED that Chaka Khan was on the bill tonight!!! But before I got there, I started my evening off by attending the grand opening of plus designer Monif C.'s new boutique in Manhattan. I arrived at around 6:45pm and the place was filled with my fabulous FAT sistas, balloons, beautiful clothing in a vibrant array of colors and designs. I was greeted by hostess/model Mia Amber who was dressed in a beautiful multicolored floor length dress. There was also custom made jewelry available courtesy of my home girl Lissa Esseling. I worked my way through the room to greet the always fabulous Audrey Smaltz (if you don't know who she her!!) The boutique is actually kinda small and it was very crowded and beginning to get I made my way out into the hall way where I ran into new plus sized designer Just Raymona of EnV.ny, Raymona designs all of the clothing I wear on FAT Chance and I was in an exquisite blue denim jumpsuit that she selected for the evening. Also in attendance were plus size legends, Lisa Scott & Teri Murray as were the design team of BGU (Big Girls United)...sisters Tasha Smith & Jeannie Ferguson. I hung out chatting and waiting for a friend who was VERY late and then I realized I was late needed to get over to Radio City ASAP. I said my good byes and swooped up Raymona who was kind enough to drop me off at the curb of the venue.

I got there in just enough time to catch the last 15 minutes of Robin Thicke's set...and let me tell you...he was REALLY good!!! I enjoyed listening to him sing and glide all around the stage. He ended his set with "Lost Without You" and every chick in the building was singing along with that little cutie! Mo'Nique came back on and kept the crowd doubled over with laughter as they set up the stage for Miss Chaka Khan....Chaka came out all dressed like Clan of The Cave Bear in black leather and fur and was HOLLERING!!!! I mean she was singing her face Anyway, she brought the house down when she ended her set with "I'm Every Woman" Baby, everybody in the building was on their feet, dancing & singing along with Chaka...I mean she OWNED that was an awesome thing to watch. Mo' came back out and got the crowd the give Miss Chaka a second standing ovation...she reminded the crowd that there was a time when "we" were not even allowed inside of Radio City Music Hall and to never was real deep ya'll.

But once the icing on the cake was Miss Jill Scott...who was just as great as she was the night before if not better. This time, I got to actually meet Miss Scott and I gotta tell ya'll...This is one pretty sista!! I could not stop looking at her....her face is flawless and her smile is one of the most magnificent I have ever seen. This sista is seriously beautiful ya'll...with an awesome pair of legs to boot!!! I also wasthiscloseto Tyler Perry who stopped to say hello to Mo & Jill in the dressing rooms and then...gasp!!! He stopped, put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in my eye and told me to have a great evening on the way out!!!...I was FLOORED!!!! lol. He's really cute.

Anyway, I was completely worn out from all this activity and I could not wait to hail a taxi and head uptown. But it was an amazing night that I won't soon forget!

Where your focus goes, your energy flows....What are YOU focused on today?

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