Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Mia Amber!!!!!

I spent last Friday evening hanging out with one of my most favorite people...Miss Mia Amber! For those of you who DON'T know the fabulous Mia Amber...Mia is the pretty big girl in the Ashley Stewart ads and a lot of people know her from the movie "Road Trip" in her breakout role as Rhonda...the plus sized sorority girl....(Sorry Mia...had to do Mia was celebrating her birthday down at Fashion Forty in Manhattan and Mia is a big supporter of mine AND I love her to I KNEW I couldn't miss it!

Her party was an after work affair that started at 6pm...I had a phone in radio interview at 7:15pm so I couldn't make it out until I finished. I got there a little after 8pm and as I was coming down the street I ran into Jeannie Ferguson 1/2 of plus sized design team BGU (Big Girls United) on her way out....she explained that she couldn't get a sitter for her daughter (Who she brought with her) but she had to stop in to say Happy Birthday to Mia! BTW....her daughter Imani (I think?) is a little chocolate doll just like her mama!

Mia was outside the venue all dressed in yellow looking lovely as ever! We chatted for a moment and she alerted me to the cutie sitting in the window...(who everyone was checking out but nobody knew who he was)...She said she KNEW I would be bold enough to find out who he was and that's exactly what I set off to do when I headed inside. Fortunately for me, Mia's party was just inside the doorway and I was glad I didn't have to fight my way through the tons of folks in the back of the club. I was greeted immediately by Mia's fiance (and one of my favorite comedians) Mike Yard.....also in attendance where Tonya Giddens, Photographer D-Lo, Plus Model Jasmine and Miss Venita Myles who modeled with us during the Hips, Heels & Curves Tour! Miss Venita has lost like 50-60 pounds and she looks GO Girl!!!!

As soon as I got a free moment, you KNOW I plopped my behind right next to the cutie that everyone was chatting about....he WAS nice looking ya'll...a little light-skinned for my taste...(Linda M...DEFINITELY your type shoulda been but cute nonetheless...after his initial shock at my boldness...I found out that he was the party promoter for the evening and from the looks of things he was quite happy cuz the place was packed! Once I got the info I needed, I bid him adieu and went back to chatting up my friends. About and hour or so later...Miss Shante Gordon came in and I found out that Miss Lady has just gotten signed with The Goddess Division of Model Service Agency (The same agency I am with) Congrats Shante!

The music was really good and the DJ actually took us down memory lane for a good long while....but you all KNOW me....after he (the DJ) went to the "Dirty South" and followed that up with the er..."Reggae" set...I knew it was time for me to depart!

I had a great time and more importantly my girl Mia had a great time as well!

Happy Birthday Chica! I love you and I wish you many, many more phenomenal birthdays!


"Don't let embarrassment stop the best laid plans for your life by God."

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