Sunday, July 29, 2007

Memories of Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance Paris!

Greetings Family!

By now I am sure that many of you have seen the broadcast for Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance Paris! I decided to forego the usual "screening party" that I like to throw each year (long story short...last year I had a big party and I wound up getting my face and I kept it nice and quiet by spending the evening at home and watching the broadcast with my parents and my fiance. I cooked a nice little dinner that consisted of Chicken Scampi (My mom is allergic to shrimp or we would have been eating SHRIMP Scampi!) with a mixed green salad and garlic bread. My mom brought over two bottles of Yellowtail Reisling (one of my faves) to go along with the meal. At around 7:30pm we settled down with plates of food and popped open those bottles of wine and got ready for the show. I was pleasantly surprised with the broadcast (but I will need to watch it again all alone so I can dissect ya'll). I was particularly interested in the body painting segment....(you gotta give those sistas credit...I don't know if I would have had the balls to do that...for real!) I thought it came of nicely and I thought the picture was what it was supposed to be.....A work or art! I have been surfing the web for the last few weeks because that photo went out to all of the media outlets a few weeks ago...and I was shocked and dismayed at some of the extremely rude and ignorant comments that people chose to leave on some of the sites.

I am curious to know what you guys thoughts were (are) on the group body painting shot.....

The trip to Paris was short (3 days) but wonderful for me! ALL of the contestants as well as the models were an absolute joy to work with.

My only problem with "Gay Paree" was the lack of shopping for the big girl with big feet! I had a couple of issues in Paris (They eat a LOT of pork over there...and I took pork of MY menu last year!) also the US Dollar took quite a beating over there and our money translated to absolutely the final day I was so sick of eating fruit and cheese I thought I was gonna burst!!! After the show wrapped up on Saturday night we (some of the production crew) hijacked a van and got the driver to take us to of all things.....A MCDONALD'S!! I gotta tell you I was so damn hungry by the time we found that McDonald's I would have eaten the bags! I swear to goodness THAT WAS THE BEST DAMN FILET OF FISH AND FRENCH FRIES THAT I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!!!ROFLMAO!!!

Anyway, Congratulations to Miss Marcia Tarver of Dallas, TX on her reign as the new Miss F.A.T. 2007! I look forward to seeing big things from you mama! I wanna see you working on that clothing line Chica! **MUAH**!

As a matter of fact: Congratulations to ALL of the me when I tell all gets better from here! Your bravery will inspire others!

Shout out to Miss Raymona of Just Raymona for EnV New York, who supplies all of my clothing on the show! (The jumpsuit and the Suit absolutely ROCKED mama! Thanks again!) Hey ya'll Miss Raymona's site is up and running...check her out at

Hey guys, enjoy the photo albums and I will be back shortly cuz I really gotta tell you about all of the er...wonderful things that happened to me while I was on the road in Los Angeles, Chicago & Dallas casting this show! (MAJOR Food issues ya'll!)

See Ya'll in a few!


"If you are moved in what you're doing, what you're doing will move."

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utopiursgurl said...

Luv ya cuz in Paris ... u were workin that Zebra printed outfit gurl!!