Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Black Pride Beach Party NYC 2007

Hey ya'll, I spent this past Sunday out at Riis Beach celebrating Black Pride with my friends. My Sista/Friend Miss Eda invited me to the beach with them last week...I quickly said yes! I don't know if you all know this about The Runway Diva but I LOVE THE BEACH!!!!! I'm a Pisces...the two go hand in hand...lol. Anyway, so I arrived at Eda's place at around 9:15am...I was told to arrive no later than 9:30pm...So I was prompt...with my beach chair AND umbrella in tow (I don't play around when you say "beach" ya'll!!!). I was greeted at the door by Becky & Brutus (lol..their adorable dog) and I knew immediately that were not leaving anytime soon because..lol...nobody was dressed and ready to roll. Dede was kind enough to drive us out there BUT we had to stop and get beverages first AND then we had to stop in Brooklyn to pick up the designated driver..Tika. And of course.....as luck would have it...(Yeah, ya'll...i'mma tell it)...we DIDN'T MAKE IT TO THE ACTUAL BEACH UNTIL 2PM!!!! I was a little salty (on the inside of course) at all the delays because I knew that we had already missed peak sun time (10am to 2pm), so I knew the chances of my becoming a nice cinnamon color, were shot. I am not accustomed to heading out to the beach so late in the day...(When my monster and I spent last summer on the beach....I still had my car and we would actually either go to Riis Beach or Long Beach but we always left the house at the crack of dawn ya'll and then we were usually home by 4pm...but MY COLOR WAS FABULOUS!!!...Folks thought I had spent the entire summer in the caribbean last year!!!)

Anywhoo...my saltiness quickly dissipated when we arrived on that beach!! The kids were out in FULL FORCE!!! There were so many folks on the beach that it was hard to find a spot for our blankets. (Of course the OTHER end of the beach...where you have to be fully clothed..lol...was practically empty!) We realized that the police were checking coolers and confiscating all alcoholic beverages when you exited the parking lot....but....professional drinkers that we are...lol...we got around that by quickly exiting the parking lot and driving over to the curb to unload the coolers BEFORE we got into the parking area...

Once we got that little glitch out of the way we headed towards the music, I heard that CeCe Peniston was performing under the tents...and as much as I love her....I couldn't have been less interested in her show....all I wanted was my beloved beach!

We quickly got a spot and got all settled in...it was a colorful display of people in all shapes, sizes, colors & sexual orientation. Miss Eda was rocking an orange Thong...(that looked fabulous on her) AND she's a fish...she actually SWAM in the Atlantic...lol...give me the Caribbean...you can keep the cold ass Atlantic Ocean!!!And I must say...these kids WENT ALL OUT with their outfits for the event....lol...I almost felt like I was under dressed! The boys were out in full effect....FULL EFFECT...lol. They loved taking photos with me and I loved the love I was getting from them....er...did that make sense?

As the day progressed...I began to see more and more folks that I knew and a whole bunch of folks recognized me from the show and came over to say hello and take photos...so it was all good....my camera came out and I kept clicking till I got tired. Amongst the folks I ran into...the always fabulous Theresa Randolph, CEO of JT Productions out of New Jersey...Miss Theresa was with The always smiling Jackie (the "J" in JT Productions)...Miss Theresa is a mess ya'll....only person I know who can make a GRAND ENTRANCE on a beach!!! I saw a lot of the kids from the Jersey fashion scene....I know their faces but I can't remember all those names.

I also ran into Eda's former roomie, Ethel, who was working the beach with a clipboard...I don't have a clue as to what she was doing..lol. Eda's friend Delores took the bus out and met us on the beach. We began packing up at around 7pm cuz it was getting dark and I ran into fashion producer Terrence Taitt on my way back to the parking lot....he's always fab ya'll....but get this...THE KIDS WERE STILL ARRIVING WITH COOLERS AT 7PM!!!!

Now THAT'S how you have a beach party!!!

Happy Black Pride Ya'll!!!

OOOOHHHHH Wait!!! I knew I was forgetting something....check this out ya'll...so my sista's were out...I mean REALLY OUT on the beach I saw sista's with 44GGG's out on the beach TOPLESS!!!! The little mama's were topless as well...I mean they were topless, Bottomless, Big girls in bikinis, thongs..etc...you get the picture right? So I'm figuring..."It's the middle of the summer...I don't know most of these people...I don't want tan lines either...these sista's ain't bothered...so...why should I be? Right?? RIGHT YA'LL??? So I put my shades on, pulled down the straps of my bathing suit and proceeded to drift off in the sun....Topless....I swear to you all....I wasn't laying there more than 5-10 minutes when I heard "Hey!!! Isn't that the lady from Mo'Nique's FAT Chance??", WTF???? I kid you not...it took me less than TWO SECONDS to get those damn straps back up!!!

lol..I HAD to tell someone that story....I was laughing while it was happening...but I bet you I won't be caught out there like that again....

"Whatever you follow after, you become like."

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