Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Susan Moses!!

What's up family!

Last night I attended a "Surprise" birthday party for my home girl Susan Moses. I say "Surprise" because I am pretty sure that she had to know what was going on because she has a CRAZY schedule! For those of you not familiar with Miss Susan...She's the stylist for Queen Latifah and one half of the design team for Queen's new Curvation line of clothing.

Susan and I go back as far as the 80's when we were both aspiring models and along with a bunch of our other model friends decided to start our OWN plus size agency....we christened it "Elegant Extras". EE, as we called it for short hung in there for a while.....but THAT aspect of the business is still the same....the IDEA of a different sort of plus sized agency looks good on paper....but without the proper backing and industry's very hard to bring to life. Anyway, that was pretty much my "Coming of Age" period of my life and you just KNOW I'm gonna go dig through my albums and post some of those old EE photos from back in the

Anyway, the party was held in Williamsburg at the home of Sunil & Leo, Sunil is the other half of the Curvations design team. I hooked up with my other home girl from EE...Viki Lepak! It's always a blast seeing Viki because it's so long between the times when we see each other that we ALWAYS have to play catch up. I met Viki at the Union Square stop on the "L" line...a few stops into BKLYN and were we there!
After getting past the initial confusion of which direction to proceed in...we walked the few blocks to Sunil's house and got caught up on the way. We reached Sunil's building at the same time as a pretty sister in a fabulous black dress...the party's theme was black & I knew immediately that she was going to the same party as we were....I commented on her dress and she turned around and I realized that it was Jordan Tesfay, who is THE plus sized model of the moment. She's incredibly nice and incredibly beautiful ya'll....check out mama's photos in my screen show.

We took the elevator up and we were greeted at the door by Sunil's partner, Leo. Leo immediately told me that he had seen me in the Curvation video and was a big fan of mine (Ya'll know that stuff ALWAYS makes me smile! Thanks Leo!). Sunil came up and said hello and told us to make ourselves comfortable as he continued his hosting duties.

Sunil & Leo had lovely spread laid out that included Shrimp Cocktail (ALWAYS a winner with, Crab Cakes (Can't go wrong here),meat patties that came with this amazingly hot dipping sauce...Yummy! Along with various cheeses, meats & and a phenomenal olive tapenade. I am told that Sunil prepared all of these wonderful treats himself! (Well call ME impressed!!!...ya'll know what a picky eater I can be!). Once the bubbly began flowing I swooped up a glass and began to work the room with my "self portraits" (See slide show).

The beautiful people were in effect and I ran into folks I already knew AND I made some new friends as most favoritist (lol) makeup artist on the planet was there....You GO Sam Fine!!! and I had an absolute blast. Later on we decided to utilize the outdoor deck to sing Happy Birthday and toast Miss Susan. Although the weather was unseasonably chilly....we hung out there for a little while anyway.

Once we all gathered upstairs, TWO cakes were brought covered in Chocolate Ganache....absolutely to DIE for!!! and the other was a strawberry shortcake. I found out that it was a double celebration as it was Susan's birthday and her Wedding Anniversary (7th or 8th...but don't get me to lying...I can't remember which!). So we all sang happy birthday (BOTH versions of, Susan gave a beautiful speech and then we ate our cake and got the hell off that patio because it was COLD (I don't do well in the cold) and the air had a mist to it as well!!!!

We (Viki & I) hitched a ride back with Craig to Manhattan and I said my goodbyes and jumped on the "A" train back uptown.

It was an awesome night!!! Happy Birthday again Susan!! You know I love you!

Much Success Mama!

"Wisdom is what's left after we've run out of personal opinions."

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