Friday, October 5, 2007

Lane Bryant Bra Fit 2007 - Brooklyn, NY

What's up family!

I got up early this morning and got myself together to head out to Brooklyn to appear at The Lane Bryant Bra Fit Event. I jumped on the A train and took it to the Jay Street/Borough Hall Station...which let me out right across the street from the store. Indian summer was CLEARLY in effect the weather was just perfect..AGAIN!! I got inside around 12:10pm and saw that I was pretty much the first one on the scene....I was wearing my "Skinny Models Off The Runway Please" t-shirt and was immediately approached by the staff who led me to the "DeVoe Signature Event/Plus Academy table" and I began to get myself together as I waited for T-Boogie to arrive with the rest of the setup. I walked in wearing my orange puma sneakers (Always gotta be comfortable ya'll) and was about to switch to the black sparkly mules that I had thrown into my bag, as I was pulling out the first shoe I looked in my bag and I realized immediately that I had packed one black sparkly mule and one WHITE sparkly mule!!! I am figuring to myself..."Okay, I can do black shoe and one white one...I AM wearing black & will be kinda biggie, I've done stuff like this before...and that's when I realized....


Well, you know me...I went right ahead and rocked those orange pumas all day long! Tonya T-Boogie" Giddens from DSE arrived shortly after and we began setting up the tables and banners. Soon after Maddy Figueroa from Plus Model Magazine and her husband, photographer Luke Jones arrived and we all began to set up computers, flyers, postcards etc. People began to come over to the booth and ask questions, take photos and I even got a chance to sign a few autographs. The Mogul herself even managed to make a surprise appearance! She couldn't stay long but she told us she'd be returning after 4pm. I met lots of fans of FAT Chance and even had some friends stop by to say hello. My friend Michelle came by to show off her new figure and treat me to was great to see her and she looks really good. The staff at Lane Bryant were very gracious and kind and made the whole day flow easily. In addition to the DSE/Plus Acadamy booth, that was signing up new recruits for their upcoming "Plus Model Boot Camp", There were free makeovers from the folks at MAC Cosmetics, free info on getting in shape from CURVES, and even free massages.

I stayed in Brooklyn until 4pm then I had to head back to Manhattan to get showered and changed to catch Mo'Nique at The Paradise Theater in the Bronx that evening...but more on that later!

I wonder if the turnout got bigger after 4pm....That was my only disappointment about the didn't seem as if LB put their all into promoting the event. The place SHOULD have been packed...because ALL of the information given out that day was necessary for plus sized women. But a good time was had by those that DID find out about it.

Thanks Diva, I had a ball!

"There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life."

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Rosie said...


It was great seeing you and the DSE crew at Lane Bryant in Brooklyn. Whodathunk I'd ever see Diva in Brooklyn?!?!

Thank you for the pictures!

- Rosie