Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tupac:Assassination Movie Screening

Tonight my monster and I attended the screening of a new documentary on Tupac Shakur. It's called Tupac - Assassination or Revenge. The screening was at 7pm at the old "3 Dollar Movie" on 50th's now called "New World Stages" lol. We were guests of Cynthia Horner and Alize was the sponsor of the screening. We were a few minutes early so we sat in the lounge and waited for the time to pass. We got inside maybe 15 minutes a little brouhaha about checking in camera phones with security..(I think that was Dana Dane, who refused to check his phone) and picking up a few bags of complimentary popcorn and water....we found our seats. Tupac is STILL selling millions of record although he has been dead for quite a I was surprised at the light turnout...hmmmm. I went back outside briefly for a few photo ops and then rejoined my monster at our seats.

The movie is pretty much based on the accounts of Tupac's Bodyguards...who interestingly enough...were with him on the day he died (with no guns and no communication devices!!!)....and were never interviewed by the police. Weird huh? Anyway, I found the whole assassination theory very interesting....particularly after they broke down the "rules" of an assassination and then SHOWED us how those rules were followed in order to kill Tupac. It seemed to me that Suge Knight had the MOST to lose if Tupac left Death Row and got a hold of his master's. Hmmmm....Actually, the first thing we (my monster and I) thought with the opening credits was: Who stood to benefit the most if he died? And who stood to lose the most if he lived (and presumably left Death Row?) Those questions didn't come up in the movie (and it should have) and I was left to speculate. I also wanted to know who is in control of Tupac's estate now.

Anyway, the movie was enjoyable...although some of the camera work was Once the screening ended though...there was some live Q&A with some of the bodyguards...but we didn't have time to hang around for that. I went outside to the ladies room while my monster picked up a goody bag (it had some Alize in it..yay!) for me and we headed back uptown.

We decided to stop and have dinner before we got back on the train and as we reached the corner...I ran in to my ALL TIME FAVORITE make up artist....Sam Fine! I introduced my honey (okay...I REALLY gotta stop calling him and after a few minutes of catching up, Sam got on the train and we headed around the corner to find somewhere to eat.

We stopped at a diner on 8th avenue for a couple of burgers and I am only writing this down because:

You KNOW I quickly returned that!

Anyway...if you're a Tupac fan....check out the's pretty interesting!

Thanks again for the invite Cynthia Horner!

"What you leave with is what you start with."

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