Saturday, June 14, 2008

DeVoe Signature Events Presents The Summer Network Series

What's up family!!

I just got back from attending the first "Summer Networking Series" hosted by Gwen "Diva" DeVoe of DeVoe Signature Events (DSE for short). The events theme was "Be Lucky" and it announced a return to the promoter's forum for Gwen (when we first met she was a very successful promoter in NYC's party scene - and judging from the last couple of parties I have been to of late.....her presence is SORELY needed

Anyway, the event was held in midtown at the Latitude Bar & Lounge and was scheduled to begin at 6pm with a fashion showcase of designer Qristyl Frazier's new "Size Sexy" Collection, followed by a sample sale. There was also a contest sponsored by Plus Model Magazine ( which offered a free listing for 1 year in the PM Directory.

I arrived at the bar close to 7pm (you KNOW I wasn't trying to miss the fashion show) and was directed to the steps to the right, I realized that the bar was on the 3rd floor and there was NO ELEVATOR and after cussing inwardly for a moment or two (I hoof it up 5 flights every night so I am actually used to it but it doesn't mean I have to like I reached the third floor I was greeted with peals of laughter from my home girl Jeannie Ferguson - who was at the front door with Tiffany Braxton and Lakia Tribieand nd looked at my face after I reached that last step....

As I entered the room, I saw immediately that the response was overwhelming to this event. The room was absolutely filled with beautiful plus sized women (and a few skinny ones and quite a few handsome men. I didn't take half a step before I started recognizing all of my "girls" - Plus Models Mia Amber, Tonya Giddens, Rocky Grate, Chante Gordon and quite a few new faces as well.

I immediately whipped out my camera and began taking photos as I stopped, hugged, kissed, greeted and met folks as I tried to get through the room to Diva. I also ran into designer Just Raymona, Plus Model Editor in Chief (I just like how that Madeline Figueroa (who I think is in her 6th month of pregnancy now and is absolutely glowing) and her husband photographer Luke Jones (who shot my most AWESOME signature headshot!!!)...also in attendance (and co-sponsors I think) were Curvesity Entertainment founders Sonia & Josephine (who shared a MEAN Margarita with me....I swear it put a lil hair on my

I finally made my way over to Diva who was busily holding things down with a microphone in her hands. She announced that she was holding on camera auditions because she was looking for hosts for her new venture "DSE TV". Rosamund Fife was on the scene looking beautiful and helping the "auditionees" ( that a word?) get through their auditions effortlessly! I caught a quick glimpse of Qristyl (who was rocking the yellow number that I wore for her in Rip The Runway 08) but I didn't bother her because I knew she was readying herself for the show and she was busily getting her racks prepared for the sample sale.

Shortly afterwards, Diva made an announcement that the show was about to begin and I quickly made my way back to where Mia & Tonya were sitting so I could check out the show from there. I wound up sitting next to Chante Gordon's fiance' Tony who was also taking photos of the events. Btw...Chante...I don't think I have ever seen you look more beautiful than you did this evening the photos I took of you are stunning mama!

The show began and lol...before you could say "Poof!" it was over.....She only showed 5 to 6 pieces at most (but they were beautiful pieces ya'll) and the show went pretty quickly. The sample sale began immediately after the show and let me tell you family....there was a LOT of networking going on!!!!

I met some beautiful ladies who had nothing but wonderful things to say to me and one young lady (yeah...I'mma put you on blast even shed a few tears for me....needless to say my plus sized sistas sent me home with a "warm & fuzzy" feeling inside when the event ended.

As the evening died down and we began to pack up to head back to our homes, On the cab ride uptown (thanks Diva & Al) I thought about how necessary it is to have events that promote "Unity in the Plus Community"....I am SO about that now....more than ever. It's time for the infighting about who gets a "fat girl membership card" and who doesn't to STOP right here and right NOW- the struggle is about so much MORE than that! The discrimination is across the board - it affects us all!!!! It's time to Encourage and not Discourage - Ya Know?

We HAVE the power (our spending dollars have already proven that) - it's time we learned how to use it to get what we want!

Yo D! It was an AWESOME event and you will most definitely see me at the next one!

Rock On Mama!!!

"Be the change you wish to see in your life!"

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