Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Lonie Cisco Collection at the GLBT Center NYC

Last night I attended a showing of designer Lonie Cisco's new collection. I have known Cisco for at LEAST 10 years (I know it's WAY more than that though), back in da' day when I was a newbie model, I did MANY shows with Cisco (see below) needless to say I am more than familiar with his work. In case you can't find me in the am 2nd on the bottom left with the long flowing hair.......

The show was held at the LGBT Center on 13th Street in Manhattan. I scooped up my girl Deb and we caught the train downtown. I decided to wear a Tuesday Connor original outfit which was a triplicate of Blues in was an off the shoulder, floor length number and I got nothing but compliments on it on the way downtown.

Showtime was scheduled for 8pm and we were running late, but fortunately when we arrived the show hadn't started yet... I was greeted at the door by Cisco's mom, Dr. Dolores Boyce, who quickly showed us to two available seats down front. The room was packed and we quickly took our seats. As I looked up I saw my girl Patricia who pointed out her daughter Ashley, who was sitting in another section.....Ashley is a beautiful lil chocolate thing, who I have known since she was a little girl and she's all grown up and expecting her first child - I looked up and gave her the "Two Black Eyes, I'mma See You in the Schoolyard at 3 O'Clock" sign and blew her a baby is not what I would have wished for her just yet but she told me she was happy and if she's happy - I'm happy.

After a brief wait, there were some announcements made and an award was presented to a long time assistant. Shortly after that the show began with the introduction of the host....who turned out to be none other than Kyle Abercrombie, who I co-hosted a few of the Miss Full Figured NY/NJ pageants with in the past. I was both surprised and glad to see him because the last time we spoke, he had injured himself and it took a moment for him to recuperate....He must be back at full strength because he looks AWESOME now!!!

Anyway, Kyle comes out and immediately begins bringing up folks from the audience to walk the runway. I love to watch this part of the show.....people love to "carry-on" on the's always a Ki-ki ya'll....

Well I thought I had escaped scrutiny because Kyle had almost finished with his impromptu runway models and he hadn't mentioned I KNEW he hadn't seen me sitting there....I was counting off the moments till the last person walked.....I was so busy talking to a brother sitting behind me that I didn't even hear him talking about me until Deb nudged me in my

Dang! I thought I had gotten away.....but Kyle wasn't having it....he made me get up and walk the wasn't wearing my "runway shoes".....but I did my thang anyway...As my eyes scanned the room, I caught a glimpse of Miss Sophia Davis (BTE Television), and even a brother named Billy (it was his shop that I walked into the morning of Dec 24, 2005 when I decided to cut all of my hair off!) all began in that little barber shop on 125th street!

After the last audience member walked, the lights went down and the show began....I lost count of how many models were actually in the show but I saw a LOT of familiar faces....

Plus models Damaris, Tessa, Yvette Bennett (I sat next to Yvette's daughter who's all grown up and quite the beauty now!), Lynette Pilgrim, Yvonne Forbes (the current Miss Full Figured 2008) and longtime runway veteran.....Phyllis Spencer Who absolutely turned it OUT on the runway.....the crowd ate her up each & every time she made an appearance on the floor.

The collection was a beautiful mix of daywear, evening wear, beautiful gowns complete with florals and prints of vibrant colors and fabrics for all seasons. Deb & I both saw quite a few items that we were both salivating over!

As the models lined the runway for the final collection walk, Cisco himself took the stage and he took it so damn fast that if you would have missed him...(lol...some things NEVER change and Cisco has always done some of the quickest designer walk & waves that I have ever seen)....anyway after a little pressure they persuaded him to come out and say a few words to the words were even shorter than his walk...and as he tried to exit a few of his girls attempted to block his way to keep him from leaving the was hilarious.

After the show, I talked to people and took LOTS of photos and even did an interview with BTE TV before I scooped up Deb and headed back uptown home. I decided to stop off at her place for a quick nightcap and as we walked through her building people were shouting me out all over the place...the were absolutely LOVING that Tuesday Conner Original ya'll....

And it couldn't have come at a better time....I kept all that love with me for the remainder of the weekend and it brought a smile to my face every single time I thought about it. Thanks Ya'll!!

Cisco - Great Show! Thanks for inviting me - we'll talk soon - cuz I'm SURE i'mma need some clothing shortly! I'll Holla!

I was supposed to head over to the east side to catch author GL Henderson's book signing/reading...but alas the show ran overtime and I was unable to make it....I owe you one GL....

"Patience and perserverence have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."

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