Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rasheeda Wallace at The Shrine NYC

Okay Ya'll

After leaving Deborah Gregory's Catwalk Book Launch party, Jacqueline and I decided to walk over to 7th Avenue and catch the #1 train back uptown to Harlem to catch Rasheeda Wallace's set at The Shrine on Seventh Avenue. The show was a benefit to raise money to fight domestic violence. As we exited the train on 135th St & Lenox Avenue, I happened to look behind me and saw that my beloved "Pan-Pan Restaurant (They used to have the BEST fried chicken & waffles ya''s also where Alicia Keys shot her "You Don't Know My Name" video) had been completely leveled. I reminisced for a few seconds before the light changed to green and we began to cross the street. As I reached the other side of Lenox Avenue, 3 young ladies recognized me and asked if I had a moment to take a few photos (I did). I chatted with them a few moments and then we continued our walk to the next corner...
After a slight miscommunication with the door person, Rasheeda's sister came outside and brought us in. Miss Rasheeda's set was already in progress and she was absolutely KILLING IT!!! The first person I saw when I entered the place was her manager JV. Who greeted me with a hug and a big ol smile! The place was crowded so we hung out by the bar for a little bit until some seats became available. As we chatted by the bar, I looked up and saw an old neighbor of mine named Billy. He lived upstairs from me when I lived on 131st Street with Karen Newman.
The Shrine is a really cool spot where they have lots of different shows for up and coming acts. It's walls are covered with old album covers and beautiful african art.
The food LOOKED (lol...cuz I didn't eat...I just smelled everyone else's food) good enough to inspire me to come back and have a meal sometime.
I met Rasheeda Wallace here in NY when she was an aspiring contestant for Mo' Nique's F.A.T. Chance Season 2. Mama is a TOTAL diva so I was immediately drawn to her look and her presence. We connected almost knew that she wasn't going to get cast for the show....home girl was just way too strong for them....she LOVES herself...ya feel me?
Anyway, after about 30 found some seats and rested our tootsies while we watched her do her thing....I found out that Jacqueline was a fan and even had her first CD! Well, I know mama bills herself as the "Queen of Street Soul" but I gotta tell you family....this child is a STONE COLD ROCKER!!! She was awesome and she even pulled up some of her guests on stage to sing with her and they sang their butts off too!
After her set was finished, I quickly got over to her to tell her how much I enjoyed her show and that I wanted to interview her (Still do and still am Rasheeda). Then Jacqueline and I both got out of their because it had been a really long evening and we were both tired. The weather was still nice so we walked to 125th St & Morningside Avenue where I put Jacqueline on the bus and walked the rest of the way home.
I had a great time Rasheeda....I will definitely be in touch!

"Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best."


Uptown said...

I saw Rasheeda's Myspace page a few months back and that girl is super talented. By the way, since you are just finding out that Pan Pan was demolished, it will probably put you overboard to learn that M&G has closed.

The ORIGINAL Runway Diva! said...

Actually I blogged about M&G's temporary closing last year...but they have hours though...they are closed on Monday and Tuesdays but open the rest of the week.

I still love them but it's just not the same anymore....

But they still have the BEST fried chicken & pancakes in the CITY!!!!

Uptown said...

Last year they were closed by the health department. You might want to follow up. A few sources had said they are closing for good. Not sure if it is related to last year or just a change in the nabe.