Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Retail Stores Drop Plus Sizes

From The NY Post:

Here's some more motivation to lose those extra pounds (HUH?)-- recession-stung retailers are dropping plus-size clothing from their collections because it's too costly to produce.

Popular brands like Ellen Tracy have gotten rid of or scaled back production on clothes that are sizes 16 or more as a way to save money, according to a report in Crain's Business New York.

"It's almost as if certain retailers have said, 'I'll worry about losing these customers later on,' " Andrew Jassin, managing director of the retail consultancy Jassin-O'Rourke Group, told Crain's.

Ann Taylor stopped selling plus-size clothes in its stores this spring (OmiGod!!! I can't remember the last time I saw a fat chick shopping at Ann Taylor, the 16's are cut like 12-14's).

It now offers those clothes only online.

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Okay fam, so one of my homies emailed me this article and I was immediately incensed - this has been quietly happening all along and has long been one my pet peeves with the retail fashion industry. I got even more incensed after watching The View on ABC yesterday and seeing Barbara Walters give the article the barest of mentions before completely glossing over the segment to gush about how skinny and wonderful Paris Hilton's walk was (NOT!!! She was walking like a horse in those big ass shoes!!!)

I get the feeling if Whoopi had been on the panel that day (she was over in England working on Sister Act The Musical) there would have been much more of a discussion. I was really surprised that both Sherri & Joy missed the opportunity to talk about this very important subject, since they are both the body types that have been lumped in to the "plus sized" category.

I especially took offense at the opening sentence of the NY Post's article "Here's some more motivation to lose those extra pounds (HUH?)-- recession-stung retailers are dropping plus-size clothing from their collections because it's too costly to produce."

Hmph! The very LAST thing I will be is MOTIVATED to lose weight because a retailer chose this plan of action. What I WILL be is angry and insulted that you apparently want my damn MONEY but you don't want my IMAGE shopping in your stores!! WTF?? As a self described "curvy fashionista" myself - I actually ENJOY the whole "shopping experience", I LIKE being able to try on clothing when I shop. To remove that particular pleasure from the whole experience and then try to CHARGE me for taking it (the experience) away (which is what happens when we are forced to shop online) and/or having to return it if it doesn't fit or doesn't look like the picture is unfair and discriminatory. I was so angry about The View snub that I commented on it on FB and some of the replies were interesting....

"It is next on the march towards conformity-In the name of Health-They will make it mandatory to hit a certain weight-to claim Health Benefits-Why should stores cater to a smaller and smaller group?-That is the future"

No-it is not-Large bone people are already being targeted from the tax on sugar and salt products-to airplane seats....Somebody has a real good idea on what they'd like to see...."

And it is that "Somebody" that makes me very nervous....

The question I ask my curvy girls, guys and their supporters.....AGAIN (yes, I have asked it before)


When do WE as a community get angry enough to band together to stop this ISH??? It is not enough to say that SOMEBODY ought to do something YOU must be willing to throw yourself into the mix as well. Where is the righteous indignation? Where is the anger and ire? We must stop ignoring the slights and listen to what they are saying to us. Over 2/3 of the POPULATION is a size 14 or larger. Plus sized women spend and estimated 60 BILLION on retail apparel alone. I don't know about you all, but in MY world - 60 BILLION dollars is nothing to shake a stick at. We are a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!! THEY know it but they also know that we DON'T know it yet. We must put a plan of action in motion together now or this will continue to happen and we will continue to be the punchline of all the jokes unless we flex our financial muscles now and let retailers (and OTHER folks who dare to step) know that we will NO LONGER:

  • Give our hard earned dollars to retailers who don't give a damn about us or our thoughts.
  • Shop in stores that offer us unfashionable, boxy clothing that is hugely overpriced and low quality simply because it's convenient.
  • Tolerate artists who verbally assault us on an international level and in public forums...(i.e. WALK OUT and DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK - should an artist find the need to insult you or your community after you have spent your hard earned dollars to support them!)

I honestly believe that by threatening to keep that 60 Billion bucks in our pockets will make a WHOLE LOTTA folks sit up and listen.

What do you think fam?

Meanwhile, support your local curvy girls (and guys) & designers.

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I know this is old, I came across the link from another blog.

Why don't you start the movement?

Lead the way?

As someone in the fashion industry, you're more familiar with who's who and who's doing what that the average consumer (I'm assuming). Come up with some ideas, set up a website and send out links.

Tell us who to boycott, write to, yell at, etc.

As you mentioned, there are clearly a significant number of the population who have been affected by these industry changes.