Tuesday, November 17, 2009

American Idol's Mandisa Hundley loses 80lbs!

Simon Cowell should know that some things are worth the weight. Too bad the "American Idol" creator and resident hater couldn't see that when he made a disparaging comment about Mandisa Hundley 's plus-size frame after her audition for season 5 of the hit show.

"My heart broke when I saw the show and Simon said that they'd need to build a bigger stage for me," explains Mandisa, who has lost 80 pounds after hiring a personal trainer last August. (Yeah...I thought that statement was ignorant and completely insensitive as well)

I was watching the auditions with my friends and was so humiliated and hurt, but my friends prayed that God would have mercy on him and help me forgive him before I returned to move on to the next competition, and I did."

Still it wasn't until a July 2007 trip to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota when a trail hike left Mandisa nearly breathless that she decided to make some changes. The Tennessee native was scared straight and began tackling her issue pound for pound. She knew she needed to break a 20-year cycle of extreme yo-yo dieting and binging. (Hey is it me or does that look like a Monif C. Convertible dress she's wearing in red?)

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I personally think she looks amazing and I am ALL FOR doing whatever you need to do in order to be healthy!! All I am hoping is that she will continue to support the curvy community while flaunting her new body.....You GO Girl!!! Continued Success!!

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Plus Model/Singer/Songwriter/Actress Nikeya Young said...

I absolutely LOVE Mandisa! This story has inspired me! My husband and I were just talking last night about holding each other accountable for eating healthier. He LOVES my curves, but God has called both of us to do a LOT on this earth, so we've gotta stay healthy to endure that we're around to do it! I hope people don't start hating on her because of this. There seems to be this hidden clause in the Plus community amongst some circles that suggests that "as soon as you lose weight, we will drop you like a hot potato"! People need to grow up and get off of that! Mandisa looks GOOD!