Friday, December 11, 2009

A-MUSE...The New Book By Douglas Says....

This post is LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue fam...but better late than never I say!

One of my favorite designers and good friend designer Douglas Says has a new book. It's called "A Muse" and it's a personal trip down memory lane for the New Jersey based designer, showcasing some of his early works and some of his favorite muses. Below is the legendary Lu Cierra looking stunningly beautiful on one of three alternate covers.

Douglas gave me the honor of being the only plus sized model to grace the pages of his first book!

Wanna take a sneak peek? Go HERE

A-Muse retails for $40 click here to purchase your copy now!

Below are some the alternate shots that didn't make the book but I am proud of them anyway...So I thought I'd share with my fam!!

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D- said...

That shoot is fabulous! Love the dress! Werk it, mama!