Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Ne'Chrystie!!!

Tonight I went to my home girl Chrys' birthday celebration. The event was held at The Cellar Restaurant in Macy's and after stopping off at the MAC Counter to apply some mascara (I forgot to do it before I left!!)....I headed downstairs. It was a really nice group of people in attendance, she looked wonderful and she got a lot of presents!!!! I wound up sitting at a table with two women who I actually went to college (SUNY Binghamton) with. It was freaky!! I haven't seen either of them in over 20 years but after a while we started reminiscing like we had just gotten out of school yesterday. It was funny, we (my Suny-B Alumnus) found out we all hated the same group of women from There were plenty of munchies and 5 dollar Apple Martini's & Margarita's (Strawberry, peach & Melon Yum!!!) A trio of extremely talented young men sang "Happy Birthday" and they brought out a strawberry shortcake. After finishing my drink & my cake, I said my farewells and jumped on the subway and headed home. My friend was smiling all night.....That makes me happy, cuz she's a really cool sista.

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That sounded like "fun"