Wednesday, October 26, 2005

An "Unforgettable" Weekend

This past weekend (Oct 21-23) I was the featured speaker at The Plus Model College Seminar, hosted by the Unforgettable Woman out of Richmond, Virginia. I arrived in Richmond on Friday afternoon and was picked up by Dee Aleem, a very nice sister from New York who is currently living in the Richmond area. She and her lovely daughter got me all settled into my hotel room and told me they would return later that evening. She returned several hours later with cocktails and friends! We toasted to the future then we headed to a local club where I was to be given VIP Status by the local radio station hosting the event. Later that evening I said a few words to the crowd and tried to set the party off! Lol....We partied until about 11pm when we departed back to the hotel.

Saturday morning I am up at 7am for a 9am call. I take this time to stretch, say my prayers and put on a fresh pot of coffee. The hotel has Maxwell House coffee. This makes me smile. Anyway, I get myself together, beat my face and await pick up. My ride arrives and I am whisked off to the site. I arrive at a dance studio in Richmond and I am greeted by the current graduating class. There is a breakfast spread and the mood is a good one. The weather is a little chilly but at least it is not raining. At around 10am I begin my presentation and it goes off wonderfully. The ladies are peppering me with questions...which I love (I hate standing there and talking at people) and the hour goes so quickly I don't feel it.

I wrap up the presentations by autographing photos and fliers and just getting to know the ladies better. The actual awards presentation is scheduled for sunday in of all a shoe store...THE WORST PLACE IN THE WORLD FOR ME!!!!....Anyhoo....Teresa Flatts (the CEO) is kind enough to drive me to visit one of my friends who has relocated to the Richmond area.

I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon catching up with my friends Yvette & Kim and I was totally enchanted with their son Brandon and their dog Leo. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, which was an unexpected pleasure for me because several people recoginized me from the show and asked me to take pictures with was kinda cool! My friends watched with amusement as people got really giddy once they realized who I was.

Later on we went through the mall and then to a carnival....we went back to their place then ended the evening with a wonderful glass of merlot and then they took me back to my hotel so that I could prepare for the graduation ceremonies in the morning.

Sunday morning, a car picked me up and took me to the shoe store where the ceremony was to take place. After breakfast, (which consisted of a delicious "french toast casserole" and fresh fruit and coffee) we shopped for shoes (I broke down and got a fly pair of shoes in brown leather and a very funky shaped toe), I watched as the ladies got their certificates for finishing the courses and then I was asked to say a few words and was presented with a gift bag from both Theresa AND the owner of the shoe store! This left me happy because... I LOVE PRESENTS!!!! I really do!!! If you ever wanna see me smile.....BUY ME A GIFT!!!!! lol

Anyway after many hugs and tons of pictures it was time for me to depart back to NYC...the ladies took me to the airport and vowed to get me back to Richmond as soon as possible. All & all it was a wonderful weekend and I am very glad that I attended.

They are doing wonderful things for my plus sized sistas in Virginia!!! Stay the course and keep up the good work ladies!!

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