Friday, November 2, 2007

Catch The Runway Diva on Sunday, Nov 18, 2007 at 12pm (EST) on MTV's MADE!!!!!

Greetings Family!

Be sure to set your TV's, DVR's, TIVO's & VCR's to record on Sunday, November 18th. 2007 at 12pm (EST) on MTV when I make my debut as a "Made Coach" on MTV's Emmy award winning reality makeover show...."MADE"

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I have been traveling back and forth between New York, Cincinnati and Los Angeles for the last 3 MONTHS shooting this episode lol...and I am anticipating a really wonderful show.

Now you KNOW I have tons of photos from this 3 month shoot...but I won't be posting them until after the show airs....So check back here to see my slideshow at say...3pm on November let's just say I am VERY happy about the results!

Hope you all can check it out!

Thanks as always for your continued support!


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