Thursday, November 1, 2007

PrivacyWear Fall 07 & Spring 08 Preview Event

Tonight I checked out the Fall '07/Spring 08' collection of PrivacyWear at their showroom at 1410 Broadway. The show was to be hosted by 106th & Park's host Rocsi. Now you know I love me a good fashion show, so I was actually kinda of excited to be attending. I arrived in Leather Pants wearing a mink beret. I took the elevator up and headed to the showroom. The first thing I noticed was that the place was already crowded and I really didn't see any space where you could have a show. The event was nice though....Cocktails courtesy of Nuvo Vodka Sparkling Liqueur & Iceland Spring Water & FABULOUS appetizers....They had grilled lamb chops on the menu as well as prime rib served on a waffled potato chips, Crab cakes, shrimp, seared tuna (you know I was losing my mind at this point....and then:

They brought out the Goat Cheese.....Yuck!

Anyway, I ran into an old friend of mine, Grace Henriquez from MTV and she kept me company for most of the evening. The clothing was on display so I killed time checking out the line and of I had suspected...there was nothing in the house for the juicy gals. The line was mostly denim and t-s and quite nice if you like that whole "urban wear" thing. Throughout the evening I got reacquainted with Frank Lucas Jr (I had met him the evening before when we were both guests on the "Thermal Soundwaves" Show with Kev Lawrence & Cee Truth. He's nicer than he appears and has a magnificent smile. I also met Treach from Naughty By Nature....cutie and a flirt to boot...but very approachable. He was there to support rapper Nikki D. who was on the design team of PrivacyWear (I think). I did the red carpet/Photo op thing and it was fun....I also ran into DJ Jonathan Doncker (we go WAAAAAAAAAAAY back), and The Thermal Soundwaves crew was in the house too! The last person I met before I left was Remy Ma....who is quite beautiful but also as tall as I am!!!! I don't know why I thought she was short.

After a while, it got really hot and crowded and I decided it was time for me to head back uptown.

I had a great time though and I got a goody bag to boot! Check out their website ya'll (

Smootches....Enjoy the slide always do!

Thanks Lisa & Harry!

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