Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh What A Night!-A Linda Scott 1426 Inc Production

What's up fam!

I just returned from Fort Lauderdale, Florida...where I was a special invited guest to a fashion event aptly titled "Oh What A Night!". The event was produced by Linda Scott, the CEO of Linda Scott 1426 Inc...who I met initially at the Miami casting call for Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance season 2. I arrived in town on Saturday evening with Greg Lassiter and his camera equipment in tow. After a slight miscommunication about the transportation to the hotel we got checked in and hit our rooms to freshen up.

I was summoned down to the ballroom about an hour after my arrival to personally meet the models & staff for the show. After a quick chat, a little Q & A and some hugs...I chatted with Linda Scott and she introduced me to my "escort" for the duration of my stay in Ft Lauderdale...her husband, Jerry Scott. Well Mr. Jerry didn't disappoint me in the least....he gave me a moment to catch my breath and then graciously took both myself and Greg out for a bite to eat. On the quick drive to the restaurant I found out that Jerry, at 6'5" inches was (is) a retired fireman and is also a Florida native. He loves to talk and got me caught up on his city quickly, pointing out different landmarks as we drove on. He took us to a restaurant in Broward County called Mango's AND it had a live band to boot! I initially felt a little under dressed because I still had on my "travel" clothes...jeans, v-neck shirt & sandals and folks were dressed to the nines on this particular night. But ya'll know me...I don't feel uncomfortable for very long and I quickly found my groove. The band was kicking this particular night and after a brief wait for a table...we got seated and took a look at the menu. Jerry went to the bar to get us some drinks and since I hadn't eaten since I snarfed down a turkey sandwich at LGA waiting to board my flight...The first thing that caught my eye on the menu was a wonderful sounding appetizer of Tuna look at Greg and Jerry and I knew I'd be eating that appetizer by And that's exactly what I did...and baby let me tell you (particularly to the more ADVENTUROUS diners)...that was the BEST TUNA TARTARE that I have ever was fresh yellowfin tuna, cut up in chunks with some sort of a dijon dressing, with capers and an herb that I couldn't put my finger was served with a few slices of toasted bread and it was absolutely delicious...I was trying to eat it slowly and savor all the it um...wasn't really working. I inhaled it and it was gone before you could say boo! and I just sat there with a really satisfied look on my face...I also had a really tasty steak for dinner...but it wasn't nearly as pleasing as that Tuna was!

Jerry returned with our drinks and I knew something was up drink was supposed to be a lovely shade of hmmm.."Peach"? and this drink was a very pale "PINK"..I asked for a Grey Goose with Cranberry & Pineapple juice and a twist of sip sent me running back to the bar exclaiming "Jerry! You're trying to KILL me!!!"...all I got in my first sip was a MOUTHFUL OF VODKA!!! am sure Jerry had a good time laughing at me as I returned with a glass of pineapple juice to try and dilute that drink...needless to say...I was sipping it all night! We hung out and listened to the band for a little while, hit a few more bars and then we dropped Greg off back at the hotel and Jerry and I went driving "across the tracks" to the "hood" lol. We knew we were in the hood because there were no more tall buildings and the first things we saw were, chicken places, liquor stores, check cashing places &'s how WE do ya'll. Anyway, by the time Jerry dropped me off at like 1am??? A sista was TOTALLY ready for bed.

The next morning I slept until Greg rang my phone about breakfast...and that had to be at like 11am. I met him in the lobby and we took some seats in the hotel restaurant and proceeded to check out the menu. They had a buffet as well as items that could be ordered individually...I decided to pass on the buffet because I have found in my travels that for some reason...HOTELS DON'T HAVE THE GOOD SENSE TO PUT A NON-PORK BREAKFAST MEAT ITEM ON THE MENU!!! (hello people??? Turkey Sausages?? They've been around for sometime now) anyway... THIS totally kills the whole appeal of a buffet for me...French Toast or Pancakes WITHOUT sausages....sigh...just doesn't have the same irresistible appeal to

Well, with my limited meat options, I decided to have steak & eggs and it was delicious! I was having my third cup of coffee and dreaming about a leisurely afternoon sun bathing by the pool....when Jerry showed up and decided to whisk me This time Jerry took me to the beaches of Fort Lauderdale and THEN to the Bentley Dealership. I had never really been interested in owning a Bentley UNTIL I saw a jet black convertible that made me SALIVATE!!! I AM GETTING ME ONE OF THOSE YA'LL!!!! Mark my words! Jerry dropped me back off at the hotel in just enough time to spend about an hour and a half laying out in what was left of the peak sun time....and it only takes me about 15 minutes before my color starts to I ran upstairs to my room to change into my bathing suit and hightailed it down to the pool. I picked a sunny spot nestled between the pool and THE JACUZZI!!!! Greg joined me poolside, we ordered some frozen cocktails and just chilled until it was time to get dressed for the show. (and those of you wondering...YES!!!I DID get in the was lovely!)

After a little confusion about my outfit for the evening...I got dressed in a black and white evening number from the new Dana Owens collection (thanks Susan!) and headed down to the ballroom. It was fairly early and the room was pretty much empty, so we headed down to the hotel bar for a quick pre-show cocktail. As I ordered my Mojito I started a convo with a gentleman a couple of seats down from me. I found out that his name was Vito and he was a pilot for Air Tran Airlines. We chatted for a while and I reminded him that he had met me earlier at the pool and it was very funny to me that he didn't recognize me...after all how many 6ft tall bald headed women were walking around this hotel???? lol. I finished up my drink and returned to the ballroom which was now packed. I quickly took my seat next to Arena and waited for the show to begin.

The show opened with a lively dance number and the crowd was very enthusiastic. The first few designs I saw were from a Queens, NY based designer named Bryan...and his stuff was really nice...I saw some very original looks from this brother and found myself coveting quite a few of them. The commentator did an excellent job of filling up space when necessary and keeping us all entertained. After a brief intermission there was a bridal scene and raffles for door prizes as well as moving speech by the producer of the event...Linda Scott. She also made some heartfelt presentations and thanked me for the impact that my performance on FAT Chance had on her life.

And just like was over.

After the show, I took pictures with just about EVERYONE and then we (Linda, Jerry, Greg, Marco, Bryan, Arena & Myself) all headed out back to Mango's to get a late night meal. The dinner convo was hilarious and we sat there laughing & talking for what seemed like hours when I looked up and saw Linda's eyes about to roll back into her head....I realized that she must be exhausted and suggested that we head back to the hotel...heck I realized that I needed to be up at 4am to make my flight and I need to get SOME sleep prior to that. We took our cars back to the hotel, exchanged hugs and numbers, promised to stay in touch and the broke out to our rooms...except for er...Greg & Jerry...who disappeared to God only knows where....

I managed to hook up with Mr Vito the flight attendant in the van back to the airport at 4:30 AM!!!! After a brief wait..we cleared security and made our 6am flight with no problems...I wish I could say I slept through the flight home...but my behind was WIDE AWAKE!!! lol...after Greg dropped me off in a taxi...I went home and went straight to sleep.

Thanks Linda Scott! The hospitality was amazing....Thank you for sharing your family and your friends with me..and a special thank you to Marco Mays for always making me feel special whenever we're together!

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


lindaurgood said...

Sharon, thank you so much for coming and being apart of Linda Scott 1426 Inc the ladies was so happy to meet with you. Sharon, please don't let this be our only time being together you have my phone number 954-257-6545 call me anytime. Jerry said to tell you just like that smile. Sharon some of the girls would like to take this to the next level and I am going to work on making it happen for everyone. Again, Sharon thank you and love you the team of 1426, inc.
With great kindness
Linda Scott

Robin from 1426 said...

Ms. Sharon Quinn, I just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasurable experience having you visit Ft, Lauderdale for our show. You are truly a DIVA on and off the runway. I really appreciated your down to earth personality, it was a real treat to have you in the house as our special guest at "Oh What A Night". When I grow up on the runway, I want to be just like you, LOL!!!! Thanks again for coming.
By the way, I'm the one rocking the short cut with all the hair hiding my face, that's our inside joke, remember?

pattersm1460 said...

To Ms. Quinn,

I want to sincerely thank you for taking your time to come to south Florida and watch the show. I am one of the models who participated in the show and indeed it was a wonderful experience. Having met you before at the Monique's F.A.T. Chance 2006 casting call, I knew that you were graced with beauty and elegance. However, once I saw you again and felt your humility I realized that your beauty outside is commensurate to the beauty you possess inside. Thank you for the hugs and calming the nervousness that many of us felt on the eve of "Oh What a Night." You and Arena looked great and your presence and smiles were appreciated as we walked the runway. To remind you of who I am-I am the aunt of the little girl (Keira) that you brought backstage during intermission. I hope that we will see you again at a future event and get the chance to chat with you further. Again, I thank you for who you are and for pioneering the plus size fashion model revolution. "We're taking over"