Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mo'Nique at The Beacon Theater

Happy MLK Weekend Family!

Saturday, I had the pleasure of checking out Mo'Nique's set at The Beacon Theater in NYC. I hadn't seen or spoken to Mo' since she was here last year at The Paradise Theater in The Bronx, so I was anxious to see her and get caught up on all that's she's been up to. I had spent the better part of my day out in Brooklyn, trying to get a new model set for her first photo shoot. The house next door to her's was flooded and as a result HER basement wound up flooded as well. When I arrived at her house the city had crews in place trying to pump all that water out of her basement. She was a total mess and it's a wonder that we were able to pull anything together amid all that chaos. We accomplished out mission but it took us almost 5 hours to do it and I really thought that I was either going to be real late or miss the show entirely. Fortunately, home girl is a crazy she got me home and changed and back at The Beacon at approximately 5 minutes to 8pm (showtime).

Jacqueline and I agreed to meet in front of the theater and she was right on time, outside waiting for me. We picked up our tickets at will call (Thanks Joselyn!) and quickly found our seats. Fellow comedians Rodney Perry & George Willborn opened for Mo' and they were both nothing short of hilarious. Rodney Perry did a hilarious take on R. Kelly's song on his new album, where he is obviously having an argument with his lover. George Willborn nearly took me out of here when he let the crowd "have it" for giving him lukewarm applause when he took the stage. He set em' straight and then promptly proceeded to REDO his entrance...the crowd ate that up and gave him thunderous applause on his second entrance.

Mo'Nique took the stage shortly after George Willborn's set and looked amazingly curvy in a metallic, multicolored, body hugging dress with bronze stillettos. Her set was hilarious and when she graciously accepted a "snack" from a fan who came to the concert threw it right back at her when the fan, when asked what flavor candy she was offering...threw out a seductive sounding "banana" response. A little TOO seductive for Mo'....I was cracking up. On a serious note, she had to call Bob Johnson (former owner of BET) to the carpet for trying to rake Barack Obama over the coals and trying to split the damn vote. You GO Mo!

After the show, Jacque and I hung out while Mo' stood in the lobby to sign autographs and greet her fans. She (Mo') caught up with a guy who was at The Beacon bootlegging t-shirts with her likeness on them. She scolded him nicely for not getting permission to do that or at the very least...offer HER some shirts as a gift. But it was over when HIS boss rang his cell phone in the middle of the conversation and Mo' picked up the call. Baby! She let that boy have it lovely over the phone....I am SURE he was still stuck on stupid after realizing who was actually calling him.

Afterwards, Jacque and I headed back to Mo's hotel so we could sit down and chill and chat for a moment. We all wound up having a late supper in her suite with a magnificent spread provided by some church folks that I think were related to her. The food was great....and for HAD to be, because I ate mine COLD....and it was STILL delicious! Shortly after eating and chatting (George Willborn told us a hilarious story about his first meeting with Rev Jesse Jackson), As the hour inched closer to midnight I noticed that Mo' was yawning and I realized immediately how tired she must have been. I knew she had to be on the set of the movie she was filming (Push) at 7am. I got up, announced that I was leaving...gave her a hug and told her I would call her tomorrow.

Jacqueline and I caught a cab uptown and I passed out as soon as I got home. It was late and I was tired....but I really did have a wonderful time!

Barack The Vote in 08' Ya'll!!


"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere
ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

Martin Luther King Jr

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