Monday, April 5, 2010

Jill Scott Covers Essence Magazine!!

Jill Scott looks phenomenal as she graces the cover of the May 2010 issue of Essence Magazine!

"Ever since I had my son, I feel like there's a stitch of lava in my spine. I feel like I can do anything."--Jill Scott

With a string of lead movie roles under her belt and on the eve of a new album, the inimitable Jill Scott covers ESSENCE's May issue--looking and feeling better than ever! In "And Baby Makes 2," Jill is photographed at home with her 9-month-old son Jett, as she opens up about the difficult road that led her to single motherhood, the sister circle that helps her get by, and the perfect life she enjoys today.

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TavyDay said...

And not because ppl say I favor Jill Scott but... I LOVE THIS WOMAN. She just exudes something wonderful... and I want what she’s having