Monday, April 5, 2010

Project Runway's Daniel Vosovic to dress Gabby Sidibe?

According to's The Cut....Season 2 Project Runway contestant Daniel Vosovic recently approached the Academy Award Nominee's people with the possibility of dressing her in the future....from The Cut:

"He hopes that even as a small label he'll be able to dress celebrities for red-carpet appearances. "I’m a little obsessed with Zoe Saldana, but that’s too easy. You could throw combat boots and a paper bag [on her], and I guarantee she’d rock the shit out of it," he told us last night at the premiere of Breaking Upwards. "But I did approach Gabby Sidibe’s stylist, and we are going to hopefully be working in the future on something."

Finally! A designer with balls big enough to take on the challenge of dressing someone who isn't a size two! I hope they take him up on his offer....I would love to see what he would design for her!

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