Monday, October 2, 2006

Flavor of Love - Down to Two!!!

Okay, although I have NOT been blogging each time I see Flavor of Love....please KNOW that I am watching faithfully EVERY Sunday night!!!! I watched the extremely ridiculous elimination ceremonies for the last two weeks (am I the ONLY person who already knew who was getting eliminated?????) Hello???? Who didn't know Bootz was gonna get the boot because she made it clear to Flav that she was sticking to her vow of celibacy??????.....NEXT!!!! Cute as she knew she was going the minute she threw THAT wrench in the

And Krazy???? Can you say "Kiss of Death" the minute her demo er..."Accidentally" started playing in the CD player???? And the breathy singalong???? Please!! It was hilarious watching Flav pretend to be listening to what has to be one of the worst demos I have ever heard!!! The chick can't sing.....period.

And now millions of people know she can't sing either......Dumb move! But hell William Hung got a record deal....It wouldn't surprise me in the least if she got one! Actually, I'm glad she's gone....I was sick of her punk ass letting everyone bully her.

Now let's move on to Miss New York & Co? Aside from the fact that she and her mom are clearly crazy....(the father always looks like he would rather be in HELL than be around them) what was up with "Daddy New York's" pony tail?? If he had a quarter inch of hair in that rubber band....that was a lot!!!!

I don't know ya'll every time I see New York and her Mom's....every thing starts to look really staged...(it's not just it?) "The mother's "I have a terminal illness and I don't have much time" Speech???? WTF???? NOBODY was believing that???? Hell, even her daughter was laughing at her!!! Some of the worst acting EVER!!!!!! And yo!!!why hasn't someone clocked either of these broads??? How come no one is finishing the shit they always try to start????? That's what I want to know???

But did you notice that neither New York or her moms were willing to step to Deelishish or her family? Hmmph!!! Game knows game.....they knew they'd get dropped if they tried to push up on the home girl from Detroit OR her fam!!! lol....go Deelishish!!!! Btw...Mom's & Dad were fly....Detroit style!!! They KNEW they were gonna be on TV and they tried to represent!!!! Which was more than I could say for New York's or Krazy's parents!

OOOOHHHHH YA'LL!!!! Why did they put Krazy and her family in CORNBRAIDS????? Are you kidding me??? The folks at VH-1 ain't right. lololololololol!

And speaking of it obvious that I want her to win???? Love HER!!!! I will leave out the obvious and just say that I Love her spirit and her genuineness....and the fact that she's educated???? You can't go wrong with that. She's been a class act the whole time. That's what Flav needs (if that's really what he's looking for...I personally believe he just wants to get the regular). His kids couldn't break her (but they sure saw clean through everyone else!!!) and neither could anyone in the house.....I just hope her Amazonian like stature doesn't mess with his lil ol' ego.

Unless she does something incredibly stupid during the finale....she's my pick to win!!!

Any thoughts ya'll.....I know I ain't the only one watching this!!!

Peace & Blessings ya'll!!!

Preparation and execution with opportunity equals success.

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