Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Surprise Birthday Celebration for Maddy Figueroa-Jones

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Hello Family!

Last weekend I attended a surprise birthday celebration for Madeline "Maddy" Figueroa-Jones. The party was hosted by Gwen "Diva" DeVoe, CEO of DeVoe Signature Events and was held a small club on Eighth Avenue

Okay...I actually completed this post a long time ago and then accidentally deleted most of it after working on it for over two hours!!!! Needless to say, all of the wind was taken out of my sails at that point....hence the delay in this post lol!!!

Anyway, I arrived at VESTA at the appointed hour of 5:30pm to help Diva with the decorations....after spending the first hour putting together giveaways and covering the room with photos of the birthday girl...people began to trickle in. The event started off in a small private room in the basement but later on we moved the party upstairs. In attendance were many familiar faces from the plus sized movement...Ashley Stewart Diva Mia Amber & her boo...comedian Mike Yard (Who I absolutely LOVE!!!!), The beautiful Fluvia, Designer Monif C., Make up artists Karen Duncan, Alicia & Tonya Giddens, along with up & coming models, Elisabeth, Sheka, Jeannie as well as popular PM-er, writer & former model Anna Kujowski. The guests were told to arrive between 6pm & 7pm as Maddy's hubby Luke was to arrive with Maddy in tow at 7pm. Well, 7pm came & went and no Maddy. Calls were made and I understand that Luke was having a bit of trouble convincing Maddy to come part NEVER goes as smoothly as folks would like!). Well, Luke must have done some of his best acting work because at around 7:45pm he finally got her through the door....Maddy arrived looking fabulous (wearing a bustier set that I was truly coveting!!!) and VERY SURPRISED!!! (The expression on her face alone...was worth the wait time for me!).

Anyway, the drink specials (2 for 1 cosmos & apple martini's) were flowing and every one was having a great time. I started off with cosmos and at some point T-Boogie & I (Ms Giddens) began switching to Champagne (Big Mistake) right before we sang the happy birthdays and brought out her cake. Diva ordered a beautiful Mocha birthday cake and we all sang Happy Birthday and made a toast to the birthday girl. Most notably for me....I escaped getting cake in my face this time!!

Before, I digress....Maddy! I had a wonderful time at your party and may each birthday be brighter and better than the last one!

Love ya!

So here's what happened AFTER I left the party:

The party began to wind down around 9pm and folks began saying their good byes and picking up their gifts FROM the birthday girl (How cool is that?) and heading home. I share a cab uptown with Diva & Al and run up 5 flights of stairs (yeah...I live in a walk up) because I am starving and my mouth is absolutely watering for these barbecue spare ribs from the chinese restaurant. Now, mind you...I already know I am pushing my luck with these ribs because I had already had them earlier in the week, but they tasted so good...I simply HAD to have them again. So I put on my Nike's and run back downstairs and around the corner to pick up my ribs. And let me tell you children.....they didn't disappoint!!! Those ribs were DAMN GOOD!!!! and I ate them with G-U-S-T-O!!!! I chat with my monster, watch television for a while and then decide to turn in for the night....(please note the time ya'll) it's about 11:30pm.

Well, I get up at about 1am to use the bathroom and realize that I don't feel so good...I have cotton mouth & a nasty lil headache. oops...I think: "I have been drinking and I forgot to take two tylenol and some water to ward off a hangover"...and I procede to take two Aleve (it's all I had) and go back to bed. Well I wake up at around headache is gone but now I JUST DON'T FEEL RIGHT....I am very lightheaded and dizzy....I decide to take my blood pressure (a bday present from my mom...after my LAST episode) and am horrified at the horrified that I take it three more times!!!!! blood pressure was 175/150!!!!! That definitely put my ass on STROKE STREET!!!!! I literally RAN to the ER!!!

I won't even comment on the SHODDY, ASININE care that I recieved in the ER at St Luke's...(Nice docs...don't listen though)I took me nearly TWO WEEKS in bed to get my pressure back down to normal.

So, alas....I am off the pork for now (although...I don't know how I am going to do with out Pernil, BBQ Ribs, Christmas Ham & Bacon, for the rest of my damn life!!! The Horror of it all!!! lol....) as well as cutting back on my alcohol consumption...I didn't like how that felt at all....and I ain't trying to feel it again anytime soon....The NEW goal for me is to be healthy!

Love Ya'll & Sorry for the delay!

To know your limitations is the beginning of knowledge and success.

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