Sunday, October 15, 2006

Flavor of Love - Season Finale

OOOOooooooooooooooohhhhh.....ya'll please tell me you watched the season finale of Flavor of Love???? I have to admit I was glued to the TV the ENTIRE TIME!!!! Kudos to Deelishis who was just a class act the entire time....I only saw her actually lose her temper once or twice and she seemed to be the only contestant who would NOT allow NEW YORK to get up under her skin...or if she did, she didn't let her see it.

But I gotta say, until NEW YORK made the mistake of acting like a psycho on their boat date...I almost thought he might actually consider picking her....and when she decided NOT to spend the night with Flav, I was like "Brava Bitch"!!!!...I did not expect that at all and she got major cool points for doing that...Although she lost them when she took her crazy behind was season one all over again....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Do-Do!!!! you already let him play you last year and now you're gonna do it again????? WTF???

I actually felt sorry for her when he told her..."your time is up New York". I was like " just got played front of the entire world!!!! Damn. When she flashed her ass to the world...I was laid out on the floor!!!! But have no fear....from what I hear....New York got her own show out this I ain't mad at her.

As for I said earlier...a class act all the way...she maintained her game face throughout the whole argument between Flav & New York...she also looked as if she felt New York's pain for a moment as well. I am so enamored of Deelishis....a friend of mine sent me a link to her website ( and is it me or does this look like a pay porn site??? Look for yourselves & let me know....I like her my space page better....and home girl has like 55,000+ friends!!!!

As for the two of them....Flav & Miss London Charles (Cool ass name girl!!!!) I wish them well....but I really don't see this as being a long time thing....I think it will last until Flav gets bored....after all....looks aside....he can pretty much have his pick of the litter....I for one, want to see how long "true love" will really last.

You think there will be a new show along the lines of "Strange Love" with Flav & Deelishis????

Any thoughts or comments peeps??? I would love to hear them!

Watch who you share your dreams with.

Miss Sharon Quinn

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