Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving & My Black Friday Story

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Family!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday! I spent the night before cooking AND sipping on Pinot Grigio and then a bottle of Prosecco while I was doing it. I was so drunk by the time I got to the turkey...I had to go take a nap before I could put it in the oven...LMAO!! Anyway, the next day after finishing up the cooking for my house...I walked across town to the east side to make my "stop off's" before heading to my sister's house, where everyone was gathering. 1st stop was on the block that I grew up on to see Mr. Brock, who has been like a surrogate dad to me ever since I can remember (his son Tommy and I were thicker than thieves most of our lives). I found out that he'd be leaving out shortly to have dinner with one of his grandson's and his family. We talked for a moment then he wrapped me up some fried chicken that he had made earlier (Dad's a widow now and all of his children are either grown or deceased), I gave him a kiss and headed further east.

My next stop was to my cousin Steve's mom's house...his mom Emma makes some of the BEST POTATO SALAD ever!!!! I knew I couldn't pass her house without getting some. She was waiting for me too!!! Fixed me a lovely plate...with LOTS of Potato Salad!!!She gave me a slice of sweet potato pie too!!! (Which I managed to lose...long story). I chatted with my cousin Lorraine and her son Joshua for a little while and then I had to keep it moving cuz it was getting dark already.

I was supposed to make one last stop to holla at my boy Shawn who was having dinner nearby but the hour was getting late and I decided to just head on into the Bronx (Please forgive me Shawn) before my mom's started blowing up my phone. I made it to 176th Street and even braved flights of steps necessary to get to her block! I had a sweet potato cheesecake that I had ordered from Eileen's Cheesecake Co. and I was ready to celebrate with my fam. My sister and her children had a lavish spread and lots of dessert and er...cocktails? I hung out with my nieces & nephews for a long as I could get them to stay in the long and then hung out with my mom, my sis & my step dad. We drank Polka Dot Riesling, listened to music and talked about old times.

At around 8:30pm I ventured even FURTHER in the Bronx to stop by and say hello to my home girls Eda & Becky, Brutus (their dog) and their roomies! They had a rather lavish spread laid out as well and I couldn't eat another for the shrimp that Dede had prepared...couldn't turn those down. I hung with them until about 9:30pm and then I announced that I needed to leave in order to get back home because my neighbor was gonna check out the Midnight Madness Black Friday Run at Woodbury Commons.

I got home, dropped of my bags, checked on my monster and headed back downstairs to my neighbor Glenda's house. We left NYC at approximately 11:15pm to head usually takes about 45 minutes to get there...the ride was cool and the convo was great....we needed to get off at exit 16 on the NYS Thruway and all was well....

Until we passed exit 15.

As we passed the exit before ours AND the last rest stop before our exit, I noticed a flashing sign that said "Slow Down - Heavy Traffic Ahead". Didn't really pay it too much mind...I'm figuring traffic's gonna be slow because EVERYONE is going to try and catch the sales....

Well baby, "slow" was a genuine understatement....we were trapped in that friggin traffic for HOURS!!!! I have never in my life seen so many people pull over their cars and run in to the forests to pee!!!

Well, needless to say, AFTER we got off on our exit...there was STILL another hour wait to get through traffic getting in and out of the parking lots.

Time on my watch when I finally reached the Nike Outlet: 5 AM.


Although I did managed to snag some sneaks and boots for me and my boo....I will NEVER do that dumb sh*t again. Never Ever. Ever.

It was almost 11am the next day when we got back to Harlem.

And I am still looking for my damn sweet potato pie! It literally just disappeared.

Happy Holidays!

Those who are not looking for happiness are the most likely to find it, because those who are searching forget that the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.

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Plus Model/Writer for Plus Model Magazine/Singer/Songwriter/Actress Nikeya Young said...

Yo, that's CRAZY!!!!! I don't have the patience for the Black Friday crowd. People get REALLY bananas in those stores & I ain't trying to go to the slammer for assault & battery! Besides, the after Christmas sales are better anyway.