Friday, July 4, 2008

DSE Summer Party Series Pt 2 at Deity Lounge

Happy 4th of July Family!!!

Last night was the second installment of the DSE (DeVoe Signature Events) Summer Party Series. This month's party was held at Deity Lounge ( in Downtown Brooklyn. The party's theme was a "Pre-July 4th South Beach White & Denim Affair"....all guests were asked to wear either an all white ensemble or a mixture of White and Denim....sounds easy right? lol....not for everyone....see the slide show...

But it didn't really matter....all were welcome on this night! I picked up the A train from 125th street and rode it to Brooklyn where I exited at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn stop. After a few seconds of getting my bearings, a passerby pointed me in the direction of Atlantic Avenue. I walked about a block or so and quickly found Atlantic Avenue. As I was walking up the street searching for the address, I heard someone calling me from a I looked up I saw that it was Knitwear designer Michi (lol...I have been running into her a lot of late), who was pulling her car into a waiting parking spot. She pointed me in the direction of the club and I told her I would meet her inside.

As I approached Deity Lounge, I was surprised to see that it's former home was a Synagogue...the exterior was absolutely beautiful, I had to stop to take a few pictures and I got instantly excited to see what the interior looked like. But just as I was about to enter, I ran into designer Qristyl Frazier, who looked beautiful in a denim mini (that I am SURE she made We talked for a few moments and she told me that she had to run an errand for a client and she would be returning to the party shortly. (Uh-huh....I'm still waiting on that drink Qristyl!!!).

The inside of the Deity Lounge is breathtakingly beautiful ya'll....the first thing I noticed was the circular bar and the exposed brick walls, complete with trees and original art. The ladies & mens rooms were cleverly marked "Goddess" & "God". Now you know me family, so you know my camera was out and I was taking pictures almost immediately. Diva must have seen me outside talking to Qristyl because she was right at the door when I came in...she was dressed in a gorgeous strapless evening dress in White & Caribbean girl looked absolutely stunning and so did my plus sized sisters....

Almost everyone was keeping in line with the theme and if you allowed your imaginations to run truly felt like you were in a beach side club in South Beach all that was missing was the smell of the ocean......Fabulous! As I began circling the bar, I immediately began to see familiar faces everywhere, Plus Model Christina Mendez had her crew in one corner and Runway Coach Extraordinaire, Alva Page was holding it down in another.

I ran into my longtime friend and plus model Roslyn "Rocky" Grate who was a rocking a FIERCE new short asymmetrical do' that just left me speechless (Home girl....YOU LOOK MARVELOUS!!!!)....and she wasn't the only one with new short cuts.....Miss Josephine (Curvesity Entertainment) who was missing her partner Sonia tonight (We missed you girl), also had a new short do and she was at the bar not one but TWO Mojitos and get this....SHE WAS GIVING THE BARTENDER TIPS ON HOW TO PRESERVE AND SELECT FRESH MINT!!! (You go 'head girl and kick some knowledge)...also in the house was Talina Jones, who was celebrating her birthday with a new cut and a fresh birthday cake! Happy Birthday Chica!!!

There were lots of drinks specials....a twist on a mimosa with Prosecco & Blood Oranges (tasty but the blood orange flavor takes a little getting used to....use too much and it can be bitter) and a yummy buffet that included fried chicken, yellow rice and fried dumplings that were to die know something is good when you can still eat it cold. On the other side of the room was a table that was filled with a platter of Chocolate (Whoo!!! It was GOOD!!!) and Vanilla Cupcakes (didn't try those cuz I was stuck on the chocolate ones) as well as Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes courtesy of Annie Mae's Cheesecakes & Moore ( (Girlllll....your desserts were great!!! There was a bakery on the block that had some beautiful cupcakes in the window.....I will say this...I few people actually stopped and bought a few...and uh....word on the street was that as pretty as they looked....they were actually kinda thank you for "doing it properly"

As the evening went on and more folks began to fill the room the cocktails were flowing and there was a definite electricity in the air. Tonya "T-Boogie" Giddens and a few others (along with myself) was working the room with their cameras. I chatted with Linda "The Dancing Machine" Mann and Denise Best. I also saw Brother Lavon & his very handsome friend (who's name I can't remember) as well as Jada Vegas, who hurriedly ran back to her car to get me a flyer for her next event. Baby, that bartender had his hands full with all of the cocktail orders.

There was tons of conversation, mingling and networking going on and as I worked my way towards the back of the room I saw a beautiful seating area where there was a camera and an interview area set up. I remembered that tonight was the announcement of the winners of the talent search for the new hosts of DSE TV.

The search had been narrowed down to 5 finalists and tonight was the big night for two very lucky ladies. Finalists Suzette Bonzo, Catalina Colon & Lakia Tribie were on hand for the announcement, the other two finalists were unable to appear. The room was filled with beautiful people and quite a few handsome brothers were on hand to support as well. Did I say that Lakia Tribie has a most handsome and charming husband? Well she does and he kept me laughing!! Finally Diva took the stage with Rosamund "Rosie" Fife (who looked quite beautiful if I do say so) by her side and took the mic and called for the room to be quiet.

As the three ladies stood on her right, Diva explained to the crowd about the voting process and how the winners were actually selected. A hush filled the room as Diva & Rosie both held placards with the photos and names of the winners......Drum Roll Please......

Congratulations to new DSE TV Hosts: Suzette Bonzo & Lakia Tribie!!!!!

The ladies were quickly whisked off to the interview area and were put to work

There search also continues for a new male host as well....and speaking of male hosts....I think I saw the perfect one as I was standing outside talking to Jeannie Ferguson an absolutely FOINE brother wearing a white baseball jersey & cap walked past and we both stopped and took notice.....he asked where the party was and we pointed him in the right direction and I hoofed it back quickly cuz he was good looking enough for me to get a second look at!!

Well before I left the KNOW I had to check out the brother more closely and introduce myself....I think he said his name was Karlos and he had heard from several people that he should look into that hosting position....well as I got ready to head on out, I happened to look back and saw that he was talking to Diva (and hopefully auditioning) we will see how it goes.....

As the hour grew late, I accepted a ride back to the city from Suzette & Christina Mendez (Whew!! Thanks ya'll I certainly did NOT want to get on the train back to the city), said the last of my goodbyes and walked around the corner where Suzette's car was parked close by. As I passed some of the many shops lining Atlantic Avenue, I saw several beautiful dresses in the shop windows but the thing that stood out to me the most was the fact that TWO of the shops had EXACT versions of Monif C.'s convertible dresses in the window! Interesting huh?

Anyway, Congratulations Diva on another great event! Continued Success with ALL that you do mama!!

Congratulations Alva Page on your new gig! I KNOW you are gonna kick some MAJOR butt!!! I am very proud of you!

The Party Continues.....See Ya'll Next Month!!!!

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."

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