Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Flavor, Flavor, Flavor Man!!!

Alrrighty!!!! You just KNEW I had to write something right???? I have just gotten two fixes of my favorite reality show from last year....Flavor of Love!!! Now if you are only now tuning in....I was addicted to this show last year so I couldn't wait to see what they were gonna pull out of the hat this time around. And they (The Producers) didn't let me down in the least. I just want to know....did they scour EVERY GHETTO in America and every STRIP CLUB in America (and China)????? Cuz I swear, that's where every last one of these women came from??

Is is me or did they deliberately look for the most ignorant people they could find??? I was embarrased by MOST of the season opener but when "Somthin" had the little accident during eliminations...I was Appalled....it was bad enough that, that had to happen to her in the first place...but the fact that they left in in the final edit disgusted me. You know that child's parents & family are trying to bury themselves UNDER their house by now!!!

That girl could go on and win the entire competition (er....NOT!!!) but she's ALWAYS GONNA BE KNOWN AS THE GIRL WHO "DOO-DOO-ED" ON HERSELF ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. Her name will be "Doo-Doo" Brown to the world...henceforth and forever more...LMAO!!!

I don't know about you but I think that's gonna be hard for her to live with for a moment. As crazy as she appears to be....I felt bad for her. Lol...Flav can't even look at her....let alone kiss her without visualizing it. She's done. They are keeping her clearly for entertainment value....(They wanna see her squirm).

But let's move on:

Like Dat? Er...Mami??? What was up with THE BRA YOU MOST CERTAINLY NEEDED TO BE WEARING???? It's been a long time since I have seen boobies that big without "The Harness" and quite frankly ....I hope I don't have to see them again anytime soon. I don't know what she was thinking about???? Did someone TELL her to do that??? The subtitles that the used everytime she spoke to Flav, nearly took me out of here....that reminded me of the scene from "Airplane" where the two brother's were talking "Jive" and they used subtitles to translate....Hilarious!!!

Last season I realized that I knew one of the contestants: "Hottie" and I had worked together in Vegas for two weeks...this year it's "Nipplez", I met and hung out with her here in NYC. It was a pleasant surprise to see her on this go round but I swear...I don't remember that little speech impediment that the tongue ring is causing....you GO Girl!!!! I am rooting for you to go down to the wire!!! But you gotta a LOT of competition mama...cuz "Buckee" (These names are killing me ya'll) is fine as all get out and clearly seems to have Flav's attention. She has the booty I have always dreamed of having ya'll....lol!!!

BuckWild??? Are you kidding me??? That voice is driving me nuts and "Like Dat" was so right on this...."Rancho Cuchamonga" is NOT the friggin' Ghetto...it's very much a suburb but honestly...she's the funniest person on the show....I am really starting to like her although I don't think she's even remotely attractive....but her personality is what makes me keep watching her....she's gonna be there for a while....but I don't think she's the "woman of his dreams"...she strikes me as more of a "road dawg" type ya know? Not woman material at all. Did anyone ever see the miniseries..."The Last Don" with Danny Aiello & Jason Gedrick? She looks like "Rory Cochrane" from CSI...he played the sociopath Dante Santadio...the kid who wore the crazy jester hats!!

No one else really jumped out at me...besides crazy girl who started the fight over the bed...which come on producers....clearly looked like it was set up. She was a "Plant" That little white girl didn't stand a chance....but I am glad they got rid of home girl....she's the chick who would have set the mansion on fire!!!

Now onto Flav.....why do I want to smack the producers....you just KNOW suggested that he write out those name tags using phonetics and really bad spelling???? UGH!!!
he spelled BEAUTIFUL "Beatuful",

I don't care how much money he has now...THAT made me want to CRINGE....FOR REAL!!!!!

But I am saving the best for last....on the latest segment...three ladies win a date with Flav...and he takes them all on a romantic Gondola ride....which is cute but if Flav had said "GONZOLIER" ONE MORE FRIGGIN TIME???? ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH...WTF????)he was making the hairs on my neck stand up??? This was worse than "Habitational Park" commentary from last year!

Is it me or does it seem like "LIKE DAT" is trying really hard to maintain her "ghettoness" but there's some er...education slipping out every now and then...she ain't as "hood' as she pretends...i'm just saying.

BuckWild talking about removing her brand new Puma's before jumping in the water with Flav was hilarious!!!

I'm glad that "Wire" was eliminated, the "dark babies' comment was enough for me. And the chick with all the mouth that caused "Somthin" to go off, yeah...she needed to go too!

I'm betting that his surprise guest next week will be none other than Miss New York!!!

I'll hit ya'll back next week after I get my fix on Sunday!!!

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