Wednesday, August 9, 2006

See & Hear The Runway Diva on Nation of Size!!!

Greetings Family!

My new showcase/video with new plus sized company "Nation of Size" is ready for viewing! Please take a moment from your busy schedules to check me out! You get to hear a some words of wisdom from "The Runway Diva" as well as interviews from a few of my close friends AND you get to hear me sing a few tunes as well!

I am not sure if you have to join their mailing list to view the video, I think you do though and it literally takes a few seconds and the best part is that they will NOT hit you with loads of spam after you sign up....YAY!!!!!

So please click here To See & Hear The Runway Diva! on Nation of Size and enjoy!

And please DO feel free to leave a comment on the Nation of Size site and let them know what you thought of my showcase.

Much Love As Always!


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