Monday, August 21, 2006

Tropical Divas 2006, Richmond, Virginia


This past weekend I was invited down to Richmond, VA to participate in the Tropical Divas 2006 Fashion Event. The event is given annual by Theresa Flatts the CEO of Tropical Divas . I worked with Theresa last year when she invited me down to be a guest speaker at her Plus Model College event. They welcomed me with open arms and made sure that there was never a dull moment in my weekend! Needless to say I was delighted when she invited me back as a special guest model for her Tropical Divas Show.

I flew into Richmond early Friday morning and surprisingly I managed to get through check in relatively quickly (although they lost THREE!!!! DID YOU HEAR ME???? THREE!!! of my favorite MAC Lip Glosses (They ain't cheap ya'll!!!). Anyway, two lovely ladies (who's names I cannot remember...please forgive me but I thank you so very much for your hospitality!) drove me straight to the 92.1 radio station to do radio interviews about the show. Well, we got there a little early so I was the first to arrive and I decided to go back outside (I LOVE summer in the smells WONDERFUL!!!) and make some phone calls as I stood outside enjoying the weather, my home girl and MFC 2006 finalist Tiffany Jones pulled up with her manager Ms. Jay in tow. The three of us stood outside and got caught up on each other's lives quickly then Miss Theresa arrived and we headed back upstairs to do the interviews. Now because my interview on KISS-FM went so well a few weeks ago...I was definitely amped up to do this one and it didn't disappoint at all....We were introduced to the wonderful K-Monta',(who was also a featured model in the show and the driving force behind securing this interview for us...thanks mama!) and Dee-Dee who's show we were doing live!. I took to DeeDee immediately because her personality and energy are infectious AND she reminds me SO much of my mother when I was a child....just the life of the party. The interviews were a hoot with folks calling in to talk to me and Tiffany and to find out more information about the show. I thought I would just about die when someone called in and asked
Is Mo'Nique gonna be at the show?
A-Duh??? I couldn't resist ya'll I just blurted into the mic
"GIRL!!! You KNOW Mo'Nique ain't coming to this show...STOP PLAYING!!!

lol...if I had a dollar for every time someone asks me a question like this about Mo', I could pay someone to do these blogs for me!!

Anyway, I found out during the interview that the Tropical Divas after party was being held in the same club AND in conjunction with Vivica A Fox's Birthday Party!!! YAY...I have wanted to meet her for a long time now. When I heard that I was AMPED to go out later!!! lol...

Well, we finished the interview with Miss DeeDee we headed across the hall to do another interview for a different show, this was with another bubbly DJ (Who's name is escaping me but I will find out and correct it here later..). It was pretty much the same MO as before but no less fun! I enjoyed myself immensely. Once we finished the interviews, K-Monta' took us on a brief tour and then gave us lots of goodies to take home! (Ya'll know how much I love presents!. Then I hitched a ride with Tiffany & Ms Jay back to our hotel so we could check in and relax before the Dress rehearsal for tomorrows show. (I know...ya'll are going..huh? Dress Rehearsal??? lol...don't act like you've never had to do one of these). Well of course just because it's me...there's a wait to check in and I decide to have a glass of wine at the bar at Don Shula's Steakhouse...which is in the hotel and it is absolutely beautiful...I was about to have something to eat (I Love the occasional quality piece of steak) when I was informed that I could check in.

I finished up my wine and head to my room to freshen up. We decided to meet back in the lobby later to get something to eat. Well this hotel was like going through a maze and my room was THE LAST ROOM, IN THE LAST SECTION, NEAR THE LAST STAIRCASE IN RICHMOND VIRGINIA!!! You could hide a body in that hotel and no one would find it for a few weeks.

I swear it took me like 20 minutes to find it and I needed a damn map to get back to the lobby!!! When I finally found know I immediately turned off the air conditioning (hate it!) and I unpacked and laid out my clothes for rehearsal that evening. I met Tiff and Ms Jay in the lobby along with the photographer who was down from Ohio (I think?) to photograph the show. We decided to eat at TGIFridays and it was cool...we had mojitos and a few people recognized us and wanted to take know I love that kinda stuff.

I don't know about anyone else but that Mojito made me a little loopy! We went back to the hotel returned to our rooms to change and headed back out to the rehearsal.

The show was being held in an art gallery and when we arrived the rehearsal was in full a lot of chaos thrown in. It reminded me of my early days in modeling and it made me smile....okay...laugh! lol. The ladies were incredibly nervous and I did my best to try and put them at ease. We said our hellos and met the commentator for the evening...Miss Earl. An incredible creature with great personality and a heart of gold....I heard Miss Earl was something else back in the day ya'll!!! We watched the rehearsal for a while then Miss K-Monta' gave me a lift back home.

More to come ya'll....gotta run for now. Posted by Picasa


Ursula said...

You are a busy bee Ms. Quinn ... I am so proud of you cuz!!! I am still busy as hell ... hope to get togehter soon!


Stage Mgr. said...

Girl...I LOVE reading these blog entries. It is like listening to you tell your fabulous stories in person. I'm waiting for the tell all book though.