Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Miss Full Figured New York 2007 Beauty Pageant

Greetings Ya'll!!

I wanted to post a few pics from the latest event that I attended. I was invited to be the guest host of the Question & Answer segment of The Miss Full Figured New York 2007 Pageant.

The pageant was a lot of fun and I got to reconnect (as usual) with a lot of folks I have not seen since my early modeling days in New Jersey (lol). I loved all of the contestants I thought they were beautiful and had lots of energy...the big girls are no longer playing ya'll my sisters were REALLY representing!!!! I mean I saw outfits in the most vibrant colors and suits trimmed in Mink!!!

Backstage I ran into MFC contestant from season one...Miss Alicia Mitchell, Alicia debuted her new clothing line during one of the fashion segments from the show.

I also saw Designers, Lonie Cisco & Tyrone Chablis (Who made a fabulous dress from a bunch of cut-up t'shirts...coolest thing I have "seent" lol...in a while. Tyrone...I'mma need a dress like that in my life!!!!

I also saw Miss Andria Wallace-Stewart (did I get that right?), whom I go way back with from my early fashion show days AND she's a huge supporter of my music...she looked amazing in a sky blue & silver colored evening gown.

I noticed that Bigger & Better Thangs Entertainment were also in the house, looking good and getting their hustle on as always! Kudos to you all!!!

The Q&A segment was really interesting and the young women really showed that they could think quickly on their feet! I was really impressed...but what impressed me more was the fact that these sisters seemed geninuely comfortable in their own skins and I swear to you....YOU CANNOT BUY THAT!!!!

The standout to me was a sister who wasn't competing....she was in the fashion segment and she was 6'5" I swear!!!! I couldn't stop looking at her....As soon as someone helps this chick perfect her walk...she's gonna be the centerpiece of a LOT of shows....Trust me! she has a lot of presence.

The winner was named Troy Safi, and I have met her before...but I gotta admit....the crowd wasn't really happy with the judges selection....troy is no bigger than a size 14...and she's probably a little smaller. I heard the comments from the folks as they were leaving and they were not kind. I hope Troy has the good sense to ignore the rude and ignorant comments and keep it classy but keep it moving.

To the larger sized contestants, I applaud you for being gracious in defeat and embracing this sister with love. Please continue to do that...the winds of change are blowing your way....they really are!

People...it's time to start visualizing a beauty queen in a bigger package...the time is here!

Congratulations and Good luck to you girl!!!!

Shout out to Theresa Randolph for bringing me to her event...keep up the good work girl....it's not going unnoticed! Btw...the PINK dress was FABULOUS and you always look phenomenal mama!!!! (Jackie...i'm still waiting for my new dress chica!)

For those of you who are wondering what dress I am talking about....Years ago I did a show with Theresa and Jackie put me in black, Cream & brown checkerboard patterened dress

...I wouldn't take it off and I bought it as soon as the show was over!!!! it's still one of my favorite dresses!!!

It's a GREAT time to be a F.A.T. Girl Ya'll.

p.s. Jackie - Thanks for the glass of bubbly!!! I needed it!!! lol.

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