Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anthony Anderson Lands TV Show On Golf Channel

By Tai Saint Louis

Comedian/Actor Anthony Anderson has been tapped by the Golf Channel to host a new magazine-style program focusing on the lives of golf players across the country.

The new show, Golf in America, will debut on June 23 and has been picked up by the network for 10 episodes, reports entertainment business magazine Variety.

Anderson starred in the hit movie Hustle & Flow and he has also appeared on screen alongside Ice Cube, DMX, and LL Cool J.

In his new role, the Anderson will introduce newsworthy, human interest pieces about the amateur side of the golf world.

Golf in America, which will likely remind viewers of programs like HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, will also feature celebrity golf enthusiasts like Justin Timberlake and Donald Trump.

With Anderson serving as anchor, the Golf Channel will turn to its existing roster of on-camera talent to serve as correspondents.

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Wow. Golf....Who knew?

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