Monday, April 6, 2009

LaKisha Jones & BV Buzz's Jawn Murray

It's always unfortunate when good entertainers hire a bad publicist!

Such is the case with 'American Idol' season six finalist Lakisha Jones.

Last Monday, March 23, I contacted Jones' "urban publicist" Denise McIver to seek comment about the 29-year-old singer's pregnancy with the intent to break the news simultaneously on AOL Black Voices and during my segment on the nationally syndicated 'Tom Joyner Morning Show.'

McIver immediately told me that she'd "have to call me back" and moments later, I received a call from Jones' "mainstream publicist" Jay Schwartz of JDS PR instead (see photo); a fast-talking, unprincipled publicist who attempted to charm me by reminding me of the time he patched in a phone interview with me and Gladys Knight.

Schwartz then asked me if I would hold the news I had on Jones "because they weren't ready for the news to come out."

I denied his request and he clearly wasn't happy. He then tried to run the standard public relations game on me until he realized that I was no easy customer and had no intentions of changing my mind.

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Source: BV Buzz

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