Monday, April 6, 2009

What's up with the exclusion of Plus Sized Models on The View

What Up Family!?

If you all know me at know that I love to watch The View on ABC in the morning while I am having my coffee. My favorite segment of the show of course are the "hot topics"....cuz that's when all the FIGHTING

Now, I have worked on the View MANY, MANY times as a plus sized model during the Star Jones era of the show. I gotta tell you family.....Right now...I am LONGING for the return of Star Jones (or at least someone who THINKS like her) and I will tell you why.....

This morning I watched the show which was specifically geared to teen girls and the producers brought in Glamour Magazine to put on a little fashion show for teen girls - based their style influences from teen music icons (i.e Miley Cyrus, Beyonce etc....). I had a big ole problem with this fashion show for several reasons.....

For one me old fashion but if you are MY teenage daughter - you won't be going ANYWHERE in no 3 inch heels. Period. One of the models pinky toe didn't even FIT in that grown ass shoe they had her in!!! WTH is up with THAT Glamour??? They had those poor girls clomping around the stage like HORSES because it was clearly evident that they could NOT walk in those shoes!!! Big giant bags/purses on 13 year olds??? NOT!!!! For goodness sakes let these girls be GIRLS for as long as they can!!!

I did, however, love the fact that both Joy and Elizabeth questioned some of those styling choices that they chose for the young models....

My OTHER problem with this show (and this is what makes me long for Star's return) is the fact that they (both the producers AND Glamour Magazine) chose to totally ignore the plus sized teenager....not a mention anywhere. This would have NEVER happened with Star - if she was nothing else on that show....she was VERY VOCAL about the inclusion of plus sizes in the fashion segments. We plus sized gals worked steadily when Miss Star was on the show (of course now that she's lost all that weight - she's no longer vocal like she used to be). As a matter of fact, there were entire fashion SEGMENTS devoted to plus sizes, largely at the behest of Miss Star (who I am assuming got real tired of not seeing a representation of herself on the stage!) I mean they had all the teen music icons....why didn't you include Raven Symone, who's a plus sized singer/actress with a HUGE following. This is just totally ignorant and I cannot believe that with all those "Chunky Monkeys" (lol...thanks for that one Deb) sitting on that panel now...that NO ONE bothered to say anything about it!!!

To The View and it's Producers AND Glamour Magazine - Check the stats! Over 2/3 of the population are a size 14 or larger.....RECOGNIZE!!! Segments like this one are sending out the wrong message to these teen girls (who are already struggling to be comfortable in their own skins - amongst so much peer pressure) and y'all really need to check yourselves!

That's just my two cents.

I'm done.

lol...for now.

"Being comfortable in your own skin and content with your own company is a magical gift to yourself and everyone in your life."

- Patricia Alexander

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