Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jennifer Hudson Covers Entertainment Weekly

Jennifer Hudson is rocking the cover of the upcoming Entertainment Weekly hitting stands April 6th:

On feeling “the church” while singing: “In church we call that the Anointing, that’s what you’re feeling. Music is my home. When I’m trying to find my inner peace, when it seems like everything is overwhelming, I put music in my ears…We were what you call ‘born in the church. I would go with my grandmother and my mom, and when I was little, I would fall asleep on their laps in the choir stand….The church has given me balance. Too often we look at things through human eyes. But when you look at the world spiritually, it makes far more sense. I don’t think I would be here without it.”

Jennifer’s Godmother Debra on Jennifer’s first time singing: She was less than a year old. She hadn’t said a word, and all of a sudden she hit this soprano note, such a beautiful, clear, high-pitched note. I jumped up and ran to the front of the church and said, ‘This baby’s going to sing!’”

Jennifer’s manager Walt on how they got to where they are: “I would take her to the gay clubs and they would have these talent competitions mainly for drag queens, and I would put Jennifer in them as the only real female. And she would win all the time and take all those drag queens’ money. They were so mad!

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