Friday, November 25, 2005

American Music Awards

Did anyone see this year's AMA's??? Was it me or was this one of the worst shows ever???? I kept channel surfing to see if anything better was on. Dick Clark better hurry up and get well soon....because this show SUCKS WITHOUT HIM???? What is going on in the music industry today...has everyone lost their damn minds????? I mean will someone please tell me how Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff got record deals???? These two heifers did some of the worst singing I have heard in a very long time....I mean Lindsay Lohan was actually singing off key!!!! After sitting through the Vibe Awards, I am grateful that I didn't have to sit through that damn thing!!!! What happened to talent????? I am convinced that you DO need to have some of that to have any sort of longevity in this business. I am a total "Awards Nut"...I mean my whole life, I have tried to not miss the Grammys, Emmy's, Tony's, The American Music didn't matter because I knew the best of the best were gonna perform on these shows and it was always interesting to watch. You might even learn something....Remember Prince's * The Revolution's performance of Purple Rain on The Grammy's???? Now that's how you wreck a damn stage!!!!! I am sorry I don't know what this Sh**t is that they are trying to push on us now and call it music. I really think this industry is hitting rock bottom and it will have to get back to the music at some point.....comment's anyone??

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