Saturday, November 5, 2005

Once On This Island Callbacks

Yesterday evening I went to the call backs for "Once on This Island", it was very crowded, full of people much younger than me and clearly just glad to be here....I realized immediately that although I dressed comfortably for "movement"(loose jeans, thermal shirt & sneakers)...I was not properly dressed to dance. The first thing that some chick does is turn around and says "I know who YOU are" Then she smiles and turns back around...Thanks Chica!!!! now EVERYONE is staring at me!!!!!

The choreographer taught us a long dance segment and by the end of the first hour (the call back was THREE HOURS LONG!!!!) I was drenched in sweat! I watched people pick up this choreography quickly and I couldn't have felt anymore like a doofus!. Because my eyes are still blood red, I had to wear my glasses and of course once you start to sweat...YOU CANNOT KEEP YOUR GLASSES FROM SLIDING DOWN YOUR FACE!!!!

I can't dance worth a damn and once I admitted that to myself...I just went with it....I felt it would be CLEARLY EVIDENT that I am not a dancer immediately.....and you know what??? It WAS!!! I immediately bonded with another auditionee (?) who recognized me from another audition we were on together....he wasn't a dancer either but he did make me laugh.... But I did make it through to the next round of callbacks. I had to read sides from the script...which I did but it felt silly to me because I was reading parts for TiMoune & Mama and I was auditioning for the role of Asaka. Okay, got through THAT and the singing part was the last segment. I went in sang Human Heart (I thought I nailed it) and then because the woman before me attempted to sing the ending of "Pray" and I am sure her chords were bleeding (lol) because it's really high and she clearly could NOT hit those notes. I asked them if I could try that they let me and I got all the way through it but cracked right at the end....but it was evident that I could sing it. Anyway, when I came out of the room, they were all just looking at me. It was a very long night and I was tired and wet and ready to go home....I got out of there got a cab immediately and came straight home...eyes still red & hurting and knees aching. I got out of the cab, saw my NON-FUNCTIONING Car!!!! And got mad all over again!!!!!

I don't know if I got cast or not but it was fun getting my feet wet again.

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Anonymous said...

Well, your singing makes up for your non-dancing ability. LOL