Saturday, November 19, 2005

Vibe Awards Wrap Up

On Saturday I attended the Vibe Awards, I was pretty excited as this was my first "real" awards show ever! I had a VIP pass and was able to attend all of the backstage was kinda cool to be just chilling with I felt like a celebrity in my Orange Douglas Says evening gown. The actual awards show was two things: LONG & BORING!!!! Trust me ain't what you see on TV...there's a lot of down time and a lot of sitting around doing absolutely nothing. And this particular show our table was in the back but because there were no video screens of the really couldn't see what was going on and that makes for a lot of The event actually perked up for a few minutes when Mary J Blige picked up her award for "VIBE Legend" and put them on blast...Home girl was unhappy with her copy and made no bones about letting everyone know....Baby you could hear a pin drop in that room when Mary started talking!!!! and then there was a lot of shifting of chairs and you gotta love Mary...she kept it REAL AS HELL!!!

Because it was a open bar event....I was drinking champagne all night, which unfortunately meant I had to go to the bathroom....A LOT!!! and getting to the bathroom meant I had to leave the studio..go outside in the cold and walk two trailers down to where the bathrooms where. Well on one particular trip, I was exiting the bathroom and there was a young man outside who took one look at me and all of my ORANGE FABULOUSNESS....and nodded his head and said "My are beautiful" to which I replied thank you and then I realized I was talking to was Michael K. Williams aka Omar from the HBO Show The Wire...who I happen to love!!!Well, once I got over my intial shock...I told him "you gotta give me a hug now!!!" He was very nice and of course after that I HAD to do my "runway stroll" back to the

After the taping of the show, we did the Red Carpet after party where I got up close & personal with David Banner (Sharp as a tack in a white suit with matching hat), T.I. (Always Clean), Tichina Arnold and a bunch of rappers that I gotta be honest....I didn't know who in the hell they were!, We did a lot of networking and card exchanging and then we ended the night quickly and headed back to our hotels to pack and try to catch a couple of zzzz's before our 7am flights.

Although I didn't get to meet up with Mo'nique, who was finally bringing her babies home from the hospital, I felt like we (Shalon & I) got a lot accomplished this weekend. But I learned quickly that if you aren't getting an award.....award shows are very hard to sit through.

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Anonymous said...

That was a "productive" weekend. Good for you!