Monday, March 31, 2008

Model Mia Amber Weds Comedian Mike Yard

Yesterday, on a magnificent Sunday afternoon I had honor of attending the wedding ceremony of my home girl, plus sized model extraordinaire...Mia Amber Davis and my favorite comedian Michael Yard. The wedding was held at Jericho Terrace in Long Island, NY. I had been praying all week for the weather to be beautiful for Mia's most special day and my prayers were most definitely answered. It was a gorgeous day, not a cloud in the sky...absolutely perfect weather to be married in.

The ceremony was scheduled to begin at 12 noon and the guests were all escorted to a holding area, where we could have coffee or tea and relax until the ceremony began. While we were waiting, I took a moment to survey the room and I saw quite a few of my favorite comedians coming through the doors. I mean Mike IS a you just KNEW there were gonna be some of them in the house. Among the many comedians(I simply cannot remember everyone's names...apologies guys) coming through the doors I ran into, Dean Edwards (Dark chocolate cutie with the wild hair), Drew Fraser (LOVE him!), John Smooth (Been bumping into him ever since we met at Freddie Jackson's Bday Party), Ruperto Vanderpool (Cuz I'm Dominican Baby!), A brother named Figman whose act I caught many years ago with the late Monteria Ivey at Caroline's doing a bit on Colonial Williamsburg that had me laid out! A beautiful female comedian all done up in yellow named Mugga, Marc Theobald, Sinck and big Italian guy named Sal. Also coming through the doors were Susan Moses & her husband Craig Williams, Sunil & Leo, Nicole Brewer & her fiance, photographer D'Lo Brown (turning it out in a "Pretty Woman" inspired polka dot print), Madeline Figueroa-Jones & her husband Luke, Shante Gordon & her fiance Tony, Gwen "Diva" DeVoe & her husband didn't take long for that holding area to fill up with all of Mia & Mike's well wishers!

After a brief wait, we were all escorted upstairs to another room where the actual ceremony was to be held. The room was beautifully decorated but a little chilly for me (I hate having cold air blowing on my bald so I opted to wear my mink beret. I left my bag on my chair with Al & Diva and quickly hoofed it to the back of the room to take my place beside the piano. Mia had asked me last year if I would sing a song during her ceremony and after getting over the shock of being happily obliged. I managed to snag a beautiful violet & lime colored dress from Douglas Says to wear and I was feeling oh so beautiful when we arrived.

The song that she chose was Etta James' At Last and her cousin Elder Marcus Lewis accompanied me....and I gotta tell you - he was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! I loved singing with him and I thought we worked well together in this capacity....I would sing again with him ANYTIME (just shout me out Marcus!!!). Most of the guests were not aware that I was singing, and since we were in the BACK of the one knew it was me singing until they turned around and actually looked at me and that in itself nearly made me laugh. The bridal party entered the room off of our song and I was nearly moved to tears to have been asked to share in their special day.

The ceremony moved fairly quickly after that, Mia was escorted down the aisle by her mom, Ms. Ida Bishop-Davis. Mia (as you all well made and absolutely stunning bride - whew - Just stunning ya'll! And she was hiliarious when the minister asked if anyone has a reason for these two not to be wed....Mia turned around and looked at us like we'd better not say NUFFIN!!!! was hilarious.

Hey! Did I say that Mike Yard looked mighty sharp in his white & Black - MIGHTY SHARP!!! As they turned to take their first kiss as husband and wife and then "Jump The Broom".....I have never seen a couple more in love than these two.

After the formal ceremony was out of the way, every body hightailed it down stairs for the er...."cocktail hour" & Mike don't drink...but quite a few of us DO! The spread was magnificent, Mike & Mia had every kind of food & drink you could think of to keep us busy as they went off to shoot pictures. They were a little short on seats & tables but you know how WE do....we made it work for

When the bridal party returned from taking pictures, we were escorted to ANOTHER room for the actual reception, where we all found our table markers and made our way to our tables. I was seated at the same table with Diva & Al, Tonya Giddens, Rocky Grate & the always fab Lisa Scott. I was glad to be seated with Lisa, because I don't get to see her too often and we were able to talk and catch up on each other's lives. I didn't bring my monster along and I missed him during Mia & Mike's first dance (sniff!). So I decided to briefly join Diva & Al on the dance floor for the first dance!

There was a DJ and a Steel Drum band came in and played a few selections as well. I had already been prepped by Mia not to expect TOO much house music - so when it came on all the house heads ran to the dance floor and we partied for like...all 3-4 of those I heard something I liked and I grabbed Luke Jones and took off to the dance floor (and then I left as soon as they started playing "Before I Let Go?I Found Lovin"). But I managed to cut a rug with Leo for a moment as well - On the dance floor I ran into, BGU's Tasha & Jeannie Ferguson & partner Ife, Model Lissa Essling & Designer Monif C.

After all that dancing it was time for dinner and the dinner was lovely too, we had a choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, fish or veggie plate, and I thought that was awesome. I had a steak and my steak was so big I couldn't finish it (How often does THAT happen family???). Followed by a dessert plate complete with a slice of wedding cake, a canoli and an italian pastry with coffee.

Of course it wouldn't be a comedian's wedding if the comedians on hand couldn't actually say anything, so the MC, Angelo Lozado (also a comedian) announced that they could come up and take 2 minutes to give their blessings to Mike & Mia and I thoroughly enjoyed them (Not a fat joke in the house...I LOVE IT!!!).

Well of course all good things must come to an end and before you knew it, we were headed out to the hall where a candy bar had been set up, so you could bag your own personal bag of candy as a keepsake....of course by the time I got outside, there were only marshmallows & M&M's left (M&M = Mike & Mia...get it?), but I managed to take a nice bag of chocolate home for my monster.

After we got our coats we headed outside to retrieve the car from the valet, as we were waiting I saw many folks coming outside with table flowers, displays and even the big tall glass candy canisters in hand!

My people....I love my people and I am glad to say...


Seriously though family, it was beautiful, beautiful wedding and the most fun I have had in a shoulda been there ya'll!

You know....I never did see Mia throw her bouquet and I KNOW Mike didn't throw a garter!

Did she actually throw it? How did I miss that? Does anyone know???

Mike & Mia....Thank you meant the world to me to share that day with you...I wish you both all the love & success in the world.

True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

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Chele Belle said...

It was a beautiful wedding and to know she's passed away after just 3 years of marriage is very very sad. Thanks for sharing the pics.