Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aretha's Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized

From And another one bites the dust…

Earlier last week Ecorazzi brought you word that the Hollywood Stars of both Sharon Stone and the Olsen Twins were defaced with the word fur-hag, thanks to their cruel fashion sense. Well now you can add Aretha Franklin’s star to the fur-hag list as well.

The soul singer’s star has also been tagged with the word “fur-hag” thanks to an anonymous anti-fur protestor.

Last time this happened we raised the question:
Is defacing property going too far? If you didn’t chime in then, speak your mind now and tell us what you think about all this paint-throwing hoopla! Effective? Or not so much? ain't saying nothing about that dress......not a word...except that it reminds me of that dress that Irene Cara wore at the end of the 10th power....

"To break in and steal is one thing, but to do all of that vandalism is something that is totally disconcerting."

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Danielle said...

Well she did sing the entire soundtrack to Sparkle...maybe she was having a fit of nostalgia. lol